Distraction at the hands of the internet

Sunday is cleaning day. You may be snort laughing at that statement right now, because as a stay at home mom, it is assumed that EVERY day is cleaning day… and to a certain extent you may be right- but fuck if i’m going to get down on my hands and knees and scrub the bases of toilets while the husband gets an 8 brain reprieve at work… he’s going to share in some of this fun too! SO- yes, Sunday is cleaning a day. A complete and total overhaul of the house.

Today is Sunday. Today we went to Busch Gardens. Today the house did not get cleaned like it usually does.
It is now the end of Sunday, and i’m just sitting down and finally getting a tiny bit of peace now that the kids are in bed- and do you think I want to be catching up on all the things I missed out on doing because I was out of the house?
Like most days, the answer is HELL NO.

It’s not just Amusement Parks that are exhausting- life as a mom is exhausting, and while we COULD be doing all kinds of things to maybe make life the next day a little less hectic during the evening hours- instead we choose distraction. Instead… we choose the internet.

I could be doing the mountain of laundry dangerously teetering in the bedroom… but wait, I have a new notification on Facebook
I could be doing to stack of dishes building up in the sink dating back to breakfast… but I have emails to check
The bathroom needs a serious scrub down… but my friend sent me a Youtube video and said I HAVE to watch it.
I could organize the random papers, drawings and doodles, bills and coupons I left sitting on the kitchen counter… but I see someone just posted a new album of photos. It would be rude not to look at them.
My toenails haven’t been painted in so long that there are only remnants left of the color that once covered them, I should probably give them some TLC… but I haven’t even scrolled through my newsfeed.

I could be doing a HELL of a lot of things more important, more productive, more interesting, or hell- just even LESS lazy- but damnit- i’m TIRED. I have been dealing with whiny kids all day long. My feet hurt. I just want to veg out.
We all deserve that every now and then, don’t we?

Thank you internet, for providing the tool I can use to get out of absolutely everything I should be doing, and instead giving me something I NEED: a break.

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  • Yes! I use this excuse too. Probably a little too much, haha. Love your blog btw. I even selected a couple for the boyfriend to read… the missing condom after drunk sex one and the one about how little kids are NASTY and I caught him doing the grin and silent chuckle thing on both. Guess he approves too! Have a great Monday!

    <3 @AreYouFknKiddingMe?!?