Master of the Photo-Bomb

Whether we are aware of the terminology or not, we ALL know what a photo-bomb is. We’ve all experienced it at least once (usually a hell of a lot more) in our lifetime, not that we ever wanted to. Sometimes it is infuriating and sometimes it becomes one of the most hilarious photos you’ve ever seen and you feel lucky to be a part of such an epic action.

The photo-bomb can happen in a two different ways: by accident, or on purpose.

The accidental photo-bombs tend to fall more into the ‘hilarious’ category. You snap some photos of whatever the fuck it is you’re doing- out with friends, family snapshots,  musical concert- anything that floats your weird little boat. All is well and fine, you are satisfied with your uber photography skills, and when you get home you are excited to upload them to see the final result and that’s when you see it: home-dude in the background is mid-sneeze, picking his nose, vomiting into a shoe, has an ass that is sucking in the inseam in his pants like a black hole, some chick has a camel toe the size of the San Andreas Fault or is making that “I think i’m so hot but i’m melting” facial expression while dancing.
One never knows what you might find accidentally happening in the background of your photos.

And then there’s the other side of the photo-bomb; the kind that happens on purpose; the kind I like to refer to as “That Guy”
“That Guy” (or girl) is the douchebag who will purposely photo-bomb what could otherwise be an amazing picture. Stupid face, lewd gestures- they will do just about anything to ruin a photo under the guise that it’s hilarious.

Yeah, i’m talking about you back there.

Apparently the art of the photo-bomb starts early. Perhaps it takes years to craft the perfect way to adequately douche all over someone’s photo (who knew?) because at the tender age of 4.5, Holden has begun to practice. And he decided to start practicing on our trip to Disney World. Where or when he thought to begin the hand gestures and ridiculously stupid faces, or WHY… well.. I just don’t know, but I can tell you that I did not notice the contortion work he was doing until days in, and by then, well, it was just too late. I hope he’s proud, he did some damn fine work on otherwise great family photos.

It started with a simple “derp” face. Small, sneaky
and relatively unnoticeable from a distance to those
with bad eyesight.
And as you can see, immediately after he moves to
slight of hand- watch the fuck out Criss Angel
The “pretend to pick my nose” move.
Perfection for ruining photos.
You are not a teenage girl. You do not own anything
“Hello Kitty”, there is no reason for peace signs
other than to ruin photos with
Those gang signs are just offensive.
What was that? Oh, just the sound of
a mother’s heart breaking once she
realized what could have been a perfect
Disney photo was ruined
Full frontal photo assault- the ultimate in
“That Guy” photo-bombing.

But it’s not just these photos y’all, these were just a select few of the HUNDREDS of photos he bombed.

There comes a point and time where you realize there is no un-weirding your kid and that the odd-apple must not have fallen far from what is likely an odd-tree and you say “fuck it, go ahead” and embrace it.
Yep, a whole family of weird.

What’s the point in denying the truth?

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