It’s garden season

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It’s been a long time since i’ve had a garden or flowers, or really anything in my yard other than weeds- and i’m actually quite sad about that. I LOVE having pretty flowers to look at, and growing my own vegetables, but let’s be honest here… I have a brown thumb. Nothing ever stays alive or seems to grow like it should whenever I get a hold of it, so it seems like more work than it’s worth to only be disappointed in the end by the result.

I do believe the garden “failure” has a lot to do with using the complete wrong soil. Some people like to say in the right conditions you can grow things just about anywhere… i’d like to show them pictures of my failed plants of past to prove them wrong.


The only time we’ve had amazing results is when using, of course, Miracle Gro. 

And now they have released a new product that seems perfect for a brown-thumb like me to get the giant garden and beautiful flowers i’ve always wanted with Expand ‘n Gro™– a concentrated planting mix that expands up to 3 times when wet and can feed plants for 6 months! The result is up to 3X the flowers and vegetables. I have a sample on the way to me and I cannot WAIT to get it! And you could get one too in their giveaway, so what are you waiting for?

AdvertisementWhat’s even better is Expand ‘n Gro can improve your soil for up to 3 years. I guess I won’t have any more excuses on not being able to grow a single thing in my yard (and it works awesome for potted plants too).


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