Adjusting back to "Mommy-Mode"… But I don’t wanna!!

What can you say about it, really… other than that it’s AWESOME?
Expensive, maybe even slightly stressful to get prepared, plan, pay for it, an actually get to your destination, wherever that may be- but once you’re there- you are FREE.

Or at least that’s how I feel about it. Vacation for me (and i’d imagine a shitton of other people) is a complete escape from the confines of this house, the house that makes me completely fucking crazy on a regular basis.

No more cooking or cleaning or dishes or laundry or scrubbing or forcing children to take naps that I know at least one of them will only fake. No more “stay at home mom”- which as much as I love- is completely and utterly exhausting.
Without a break, even if not frequent, there is a strong possibility i’d go all mommy dearest and start swinging wire hangers around my head like a battle ax while foaming at the mouth. I’m going to wager a bet that something along those lines is frowned upon by modern society.

Maybe i’ve already gone past that line, since leaving the kids with family and running off to some white sand beach being fed mango margaritas at an all inclusive resort seemed far less appealing to me than taking my kids to hot crowded Disney World, but let’s not get bogged down in details- a vacation is a vacation is a vacation, I don’t give a shit where it is; if it’s getting me out of this house I will TAKE IT.

And take it I did… and it was awesome, crowds and whiny brats aside. It was fucking amazing blissfully refreshing to get away for a little while- but as always, all good things must come to an end.

funny, I googled “giant mountain of laundry”
and this popped up.. someone’s pile upon
return from Disney. ALAS! I am
not alone!

Before you know it you’re back in your home, and while it feels nice to be in a familiar place- soon enough the dishes start to pile up and there is 4 tons of laundry to be done (and not just what you dirtied up while gone, but what you failed to finish before you left), the children want to be fed and it’s back to being your problem (yes, there are times you must get in the kitchen and make a damn sammich, sigh), because YOU are mommy, and that one week away shit on any and all motivation you ever had to do ANY of those things. Ever again.

So this is my stand. I am taking a vacation FROM my vacation. I’m not quite ready to get back to domestic goddess status yet (SNORT! as if I ever was… but shhhh).
That pile of laundry is clean, so it isn’t like it’s going to grow bacteria, become radioactive and destroy the neighborhood- it can wait. So can everything else.
There may be no such thing as “catching up on sleep”- but fuck it, after 6 days in Disney World walking from 8am-10pm… I’m sure as shit gonna try!

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