Personally, I like my flaws.

I am flawed. I used to want to be perfect. The perfect person, perfect looks, perfect body, perfect wife, perfect mother. I used to hate critisism, be offended by it, hurt by it, in denial of it.
It took a long time and a lot of years on this planet and gallons of tears to understand and accept that I am NOT perfect. I never will be. No matter what I do, I will ALWAYS be flawed, and I am ok with that.

I’m an eternal pessimist with a hopeful disposition.
I whine and complain
I don’t have perfect skin, or the perfect body, perfect hair or perfect teeth
I have wrinkles in my forehead and gray hairs
I have scars and stretchmarks in not so kind places
I am a hothead
I stress out too easily and am FAR too sensitive about really stupid things
I sometimes pick the wrong battles
I avoid conflict like the plague
I am not good with speaking my feelings out loud or telling people how I really feel
Sometimes i’m not even sure how I really feel

These things I used to try to hide. I used to be ashamed about them, as if being all of those things, having all of those things made me less of a person- but they are only HALF of the story.

I am also passionate and compassionate
I am devoted
I am loving, even to a fault
I usually put others needs ahead of my own
I am a good listener
I am funny, or at least I like to think so
I can put a spin on the worst or most disgusting situation and make people laugh about it
I am fierce when it comes to my children and their needs
I am determined and not easily deterred and when I say i’m going to do something, I do it
I do not give up
I never break promises

Without the bad, what would the good mean? Would it mean anything at ALL? Flaws are what make us human, they make us lovable, different, unique. Without the flaws the perfections wouldn’t seem so… perfect. None of our good would be special. There is beauty in being flawed, whether you believe it or not- you can’t be a whole person without them, so why not learn to love them? Or at least not hate them so much.

In the end, we are all human, good and bad- what’s wrong with that?

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  • Thank you so much for writing this!! I really needed this right now. I am tired of letting my flaws get me down, I’m pretty sure I am ready to embrace them 🙂