Adding an animal to our family

Guest post written by Hannah Locke
I love to provide things for my children that I didn’t have growing up, but within reason. It always made me so sad that we were never able to have a cat or dog because of my sister’s allergies. She had the most awful allergies back then! But I wanted it for my kids and I also wanted to finally have my own pet for our family.
I did so much research about adopting animals from shelters and how to do it the right way that when I was reading some of that stuff I saw the websitehttp://debtcounseling.bankrupt.com/. After I looked through it a little bit I decided to consult it to help our family out with some of our debt problems. That’s something I’d also like to handle soon.
We decided on a dog because it will be a lot more playful with the kids than we think a cat will. I know our kids and they’ll want to play around with a new pet. I guess something that we’ll have to work on is respecting the dog’s space when he doesn’t want to play.
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