Of all the things i’ve lost…. wait, what did I lose again?

Every day following the birth of my children, I have felt not only my sanity, but the capacity at which my brain functions slowly slipping farther and farther away. I’ve tried that brain-age shit, i’m not sure it does anything but frustrate me.

Every day I seem to lose a little more of my brain. I don’t know where it’s going, but I hope wherever it is, it’s being put to good use.

It’s been nearly 4.5 years since Holden, and 2.5 since Parker. I can no longer blame it on post-partum brain, can I? The fluffy loose-skinned tummy skin I will always blame on them (and maybe laziness too), damn kids, but can I blame the deterioration of my smarts??

Back when the children had just been expelled from my insides, I liked to call it “post-preggo brain.”

As mothers, we are all aware of the level of ultimate-DUH we can reach while expanding due to the growth of a miniature human inside of us. I liked to believe that in order to develop their tiny little brains, we had to sacrifice a little bit of ours (ok… maybe a lot). Once they tore our nethers apart and re-lit the vacancy sign of our uterus, slowly, we wouldn’t have so many brain-fart moments. And over time, we’d be back to our incredibly smart and charming selves (even if our hair was frazzled from hours of repeated attempts to rip it out). And witty, don’t forget witty (although I almost did).

Over time talking to other Mothers, we have all come to the stark realization that it NEVER really comes back. Not all the way. Try as you might, deny it all you want- but deep down you know that the pause between witty retorts, extreme forgetfulness, the filter we once had to talk about ANYTHING other than children and diarrhea, and DUH moments after kids are far more frequent than before.

Yesterday I searched for something for a good 30 minutes. I swore to the sweet baby jeebus husband had took it with him, I just KNEW he took it!!! And I proceeded to get incredibly stabby with him.
Found it in my pocket 4 hours later; the pocket i’d checked at least a dozen times in a fit of rage.

Do you ever hear one annoying toy make noises so fucking much that even when it’s off you STILL think you can hear it? I do. All.the.time
They say hearing your phone ring when it isn’t is the first sign of insanity- but what about children’s toys??

What did I have for dinner last night? eeehhh…errrrrrr…..
yeah, no damn idea. I forget. Give me a few minutes and I might be able to remember.

Diminished capacity for adult conversation? Check. I go out so infrequently and attempt holding conversation with adults other than my husband even less that most of the time I don’t even know how any more. It certainly makes for embarrassing situations when you walk away from a conversation KNOWING those bastards are thinking “what the fuck happened to her?”

I walk into a room with a specific purpose and within 5 seconds have completely forgot what that purpose is. Some days I remember it a few minutes later; if i’m REALLY lucky i’ll remember before I leave the room… but most days? I never remember what the hell I was doing in there in the first place.

Name Flubbing- something my Dad used to do (and does more often the older he gets) that I swore i’d NEVER do. He calls me by my step mothers name, calls my kids by other family members names- and is probably one of the only things he does that drives me absolutely insane… and I am ashamed to admit that now, I do it too. Holden is Parker, Parker is Holden- they both look at me like i’m a complete idiot.

What day of the week is it? Fuck if I know. I hope it’s Friday or I might lose what VERY little is left of my mind.

I’ve begun to wonder (as much as I can without straining myself) if i’ll know when I slip from preggo brain into age related dementia. With the way things are going, it will likely be a smooth and completely unnoticeable transition. I won’t even admit to how long this blog took to put together, but i’m sure you can assume it wasn’t fast.

People may say Spongebob rots kids brains, but KIDS rot my brain.
That’s my story, and i’m sticking to it…. until I forget I wrote this, that is.

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  • Tick to all of the above. Completely brain dead at the moment. I’ve forgotten the kids names and dates of birth twice this week and gotten some weird looks from people. Ugh.

  • OMG, so true! All of it. I go to school two nights a week and when we go on our breaks I always end up sharing something inappropriate about my kids bowel movements or eating habits. lol It always gets real quiet and when I walk away I’m like SHIT! When did I forget how to have adult conversations!!! Oh yeah, after I had kids. Before I had kids I used to wonder what the hell was wrong with people like me, now I know! KIDS!!!

  • I have been brain dead for the past 7.5 years. It is soo much fun having your 7 year old look at you like you are nuts because you accidentally mix 3 separate sentences into one. In my mind I said the 3 individually, but nope, I said all three at once. I.E. You need to clean your room. Get off the computer, you have been on long enough. Get ready for bed. Those become “You need to clean ready for off the room.”

  • Nope the brain rot does not get better. I have kids aging from three to twenty three and brain what brain. Ask my poor husband who finds all the have empty cans of soda in various places cause I have set it down and can’t remember where I have put it. So I then go get a new one cause I assume I must have finished the other one.

  • I’m 8 weeks… The other day I saw my fiancé check the mail and bring the mail inside. Then a little while later, we left to go somewhere and I checked the mail. When we got back shortly after, I checked the mail again. Also the other night I interrupted my fiancé to say something and he pointed out that that was rude, so I said, “okay, you go ahead,” and he said, “actually, you’ll forget what you’re going to say in two seconds, and I’m going to remember, so you go.”

  • Aw, hell, what’s MY excuse?! All my kids are ADOPTED, and my brain-fade is worse than ever. It’s like they’re sucking the cells right outta the grey matter… day after day after day. Hopefully the oldest will get her license before I need a ride to the nursing home.