My weird little love story, if you can call it that

After the last two nights blogs (which you can find here if ya haven’t read yet), I figured it would be slightly more inappropriate than I usually am to go straight back to talking about what is or isn’t coming out of my ass or the weird things flying from my children’s mouths.

I thought what would be more appropriate for a blog on a day like today, after what has been admitted to in an open and public forum and i’m feeling slightly vulnerable and a little embarrassed (but very touched by the responses), is the story of how Thomas and I met. It’s a good one… or a weird one… i’m honestly not sure which.

Now is the point where I wave my hands in front of you and your screen gets fuzzy.

It was my senior year of highschool. I was dating some assfaced abusive douchebag, for reasons unknown to me really- I think because every other girl told me how hot he was and I wanted to date a hot guy?

I had a friend in from out of state, and one day to kill time, along with her, another friend, crazy-boyfriend and his friend, we decided to drive about 30 minutes away to a really nice mall to window-shop (because we were teenagers, and we were all pretty broke).

For some reason that I can’t remember because it was eleventy-billion years ago, the crazy-bf and his friend decided to take a separate car than us. We could have squeezed, teenagers love to cram themselves into cars like sardines.
We followed behind them on the drive, and were stuck in some mild traffic when I noticed crazy-bf’s car pull off of the highway. Being that this was in a time before everyone on the planet had cellphones, I couldn’t just call him up to ask what the hell the problem was, so I assumed due to his asshole nature that he and his friend were just ditching us- and since us girls really wanted to go to the mall (typical)- we didn’t follow him, we continued on.

Once we got to the mall, we basically wandered, and being that I was the only one with a boyfriend in a group of 3 girls, we went trolling for boys. Wouldn’t you know it, there just so happened to be a group of 3 boys walking around to match up perfectly with our group of 3 girls. Everywhere we went, we saw them. I’m still not sure to this day if they were following us, or if it was by chance, but we took notice.
Especially my friend in from out of town, who had absolutely no shame and was not shy in the slightest (like me. in highschool I was almost painfully shy outside of music).

We’d been at the mall a few hours when it became time to eat lunch, so we decided to go to Chili’s, which was situation in the food court, and like always- there was a wait. The line wrapped all the way to the outside, so it was probably going to be a while.
Wouldn’t you know it, during our wait, who showed up again? The 3 boys. All the way across the food court, but they were there, and from what I could tell, they were looking at us.
What did my forward-without-shame friend do? Decided to invite them to eat with us. Took her happy ass, walked all the way across the food court, and told them to join us. Much to my surprise, they actually did.

Now, i’m almost embarrassed to admit this, being as I am married to one of them now, but they introduced themselves with nicknames. One was Taco, one was Sherman, and one was Peabody. I was kind of a stuck up snob, so I refused to call any of them by these names. At this point it’s been so long that I don’t remember any of them other than that Thomas was Peabody.

We chatted in line and then sat down to eat, Thomas (groan.. Peabody) sitting across from me. The entire time I thought he was good-looking, but a colossal dick. And of course, in typical teenage girl fashion, I found this charming. But I had a boyfriend, right? It seemed like this Thomas character hated me anyways.

The 6 of us ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening, even went up onto the roof and unfortunately had to listen to the sound of a Creed cover band coming from the music venue across the street.
When the night came to a close, everyone began exchanging phone numbers, AIM screen names (you remember that, right?) except for me. That’s when ‘Sherman’ walked up to me and very quietly asked for my phone number. I was a little surprised, being that we hadn’t chatted much, but I went ahead and gave him my information thinking maybe we’d chat online a few times and that would probably be the end of it.

That night when I got home, I found out what happened and where crazy-bf had been all that time: His crappy car broke down, and once he got it running, instead of coming to meet me, he decided the better option would be getting high (and I would find out months later, cheating on me). Being that I was a stuck-up-miss-prissy-pants, I was LIVID. I went home and put him on silent-treatment, and the phone rang. Can you guess who it was? Thomas. And after chatting on the phone with him, realizing he’d talked his friend into getting my phone number because his douche-bag persona was really just him hiding the fact that he liked me, I was smitten.

Four years later (and almost NONE of that spent together) we were married. If you want to know the rest of the story… well… you’ll have to get my book! And trust me.. it gets…. better.
And by better, I mean ugly.

So that’s the weird little story of how we met. Had it not been for my asshole-cheating-douchey-boyfriend’s car  randomly breaking down, it never would have happened. Thanks for that, psycho.

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  • I love it! 🙂

    I met my husband in a similar way…thanks to my dick head boyfriend at the time showing up to a party (where we were supposed to meet up at) with some bimbo on his arm, my bestie and I left immediately and wandered around until we found an apartment party to crash. This seemingly nice guy started chatting me up after my bestie ditched me when she ran into other friends at the party…I barely listened to him, could barely remember what he looked like, but at least knew he wasn’t horrible on the eyes, and barely talked to him in return, yet he asked me for my number at the end of the night. Almost gave him a wrong number, but for some reason I didn’t. He called the next night and we were supposed to go out on a double date. Never called back to firm up plans. I figured he was just another jerk. He called a day or two later on my parents phone line apologizing profusely for losing my number, we went on our first date that night and have been married now for 16 years.

    Sorry to flood you with my story, but your story brought me back in time a bit to my own memories! Thank you for that!!

  • not flooding at all! thanks for sharing! that’s a funny story! (also I just used a lot of !’s. whoa)

  • LOL

    BTW…and you don’t have to post this…just wanted to let you know…I truly admire you for sharing your thoughts over the last couple of nights. Nothing for you to be embarrassed about at all! All of us have been there at one point or another, often repeatedly, with our spouses. I know I have been, and I could totally relate to what you posted. It is sometimes a struggle, but I have yet to regret any bit of it. We always come out stronger somehow in the end. May nothing but happiness and love surround you and your husband now!

  • ha I meet mine at work but we started because we both helped move his crazy ex gf and instead of driving me back to my car she decided she had to get ready for the new guy and had him drive me back a little side trip later and one night turned into friends with benefits (yeah we had that before it was cool) then 12 years latter we were married going on two years now. sometimes peoples douchbagg behavior pays off.

  • This is going to make me sound bat-s*** crazy but…I went through a moody phase in high school where I dressed in all black with short, spikey hair and routinely had days where I did not want to talk to anybody. If the quirky, weird girl thats friends with every loner, outcast and misfit in school has a bad day and wants to be left alone, do people give her space? No, they smother her. Finally fed up with it, I decided I’d rather face a detention for doing something stupid and crazy than listen to another lecture on the importance of expressing your feelings by doing something like writing a sappy poem or emo song about it, I climbed the nearest tree until I was above their line of site, and hopped onto the roof of the breezeway. I can see a guy moving from spot to spot, clearly being pestered by his friends an in the same predicament that had landed me up a tree. Finally he settles on a bench just below me as the bell rings for class and I jumped, landing right behind him. Unbeknownst to me, he was stoned out of his mind and paranoid so he jumped about a foot in the air, then nearly falls over. I smiled, handed him a not I had scribbled my number on (along with something stupid about going out for coffee and, unless he wanted to, not having to say a word to each other) amd ran off for my theater class. Not the best impression made on either end, but we were friends for a few years after that and it ended up being more than worth it for the laughs later to break the ice when we finally did get together.

  • This is cute. I am wanting to get your book on Kindle when I get paid. But seriously a very cute way to meet your husband!