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Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis
When I found out Just Energy has low ratesI was over the moon – since buying this house last year I’ve been more than house poor, I’ve just been scraping by! It’s so nice to have a place that’s my own but you know, at the end of the day I wish that I hadn’t bought a house so outside my means so it wouldn’t be so worrysome having all these bills. I can’t wait to one day have enough cash to get furniture in this place and really make it something special but until then I can just be content that I’ve got four walls over my head and some stuff to sit and lie on when I need to. I just think it’s nice having a place that’s my own and not having to answer to anyone on it – no landlord, no parents, no anything like that! I can’t wait until one day I get married and we can move in here together and have somewhere to start a new life together!
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