What is a Yipit?

With it being the holiday season, it is now time to consider buying gifts for people OTHER than the boys. I don’t buy for many people, being that I don’t have a lot of money to be tossing around- but those that ARE on my list… i’m basically just trying to find the best deals.

That’s when I was directed to Yipit Slightly similar to Living Social or Plum District, but instead of being SO broad in the deals you are shown and sent, you get to pick the specific things you are interested in. Kids? Check. Bowling and other fun activities? Check. Photography? Triple check. Food? But of course! Along with that they also post really great daily offers.
 My internet browsing just got a LOT easier.
Do you think my dad would like a Boudoir Photo Shoot? It’s 70% off!

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