An unwilling wrapper

As if I don’t dislike the holiday season enough, what with the cold weather and the crowds and the multitude of other terrible things that go hand in hand with crazed shoppers trying to get their hands on an XBox for $20 off, throw the wrapping of gifts in the mix and you have a recipe for hell.

I know some people LOVE to wrap gifts. The ribbons, the bows, the pretty result that you can show off under your tree. For me, it is quite the opposite. I dread wrapping presents.

I find it a long, tedious, and terrible process. All the cutting and the folding and the attempting to tape things that don’t want to stay together and having it come apart and then starting all over again. Never having the right amount of paper and having your gift look like a patchwork quilt.

All of this time, energy, effort, and frustration- hours worth of it, only for your kids to tear everything apart in under 10 minutes and have it all left in shards and heaps on the living room floor. It always leaves me questioning WHY?!

Obviously, I know the reason why… but really, WHY?

The whole process is so exhausting to me that every year I end up procrastinating and putting it off until the very last second, up at 2am on Christmas morning trying to wrap quietly enough as to not wake the children and have them come stairs and figure out that Santa is just code for MOMMY.

This year I was bound and determined to get the shit done early. We hadn’t gotten ALL of the presents for the boys yet, but Thomas and I wrapped everything we had. Hours later, I was completely exhausted and frustrated that his gifts looked about a thousand times better than mine (even the boxes in funny shapes). When we finally got the next set of presents in… I couldn’t bring myself to do the same thing over again. I still haven’t found the motivation to pull all the supplies back out and begin the process for the 2nd time.

And it isn’t like I can even put my hard work out for the world to see (and by the world, I mean me) because if the kids get the whiff of wrapping paper they have the instinctive urge to tear, and there is NO WAY IN HELL i’m wrapping for a 3rd time.

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  • LOL i feel your pain. i am a bit of a perfectionist, but at the same time i suck at wrapping. wouldn’t be so bad if everything came in a rectangular box.. but ugghh god help us

  • Exactly, and I SWEAR they make it hard on purpose! No, we can’t POSSIBLY give you a box that has all 4 even sides, that would just be too easy. Derps

  • Lets just say that there is good reason I do not wrap anything but the biggest boxes. Aside from the few bigger boxes that do not and will never fit, everything else gets gift bags. Christmas Eve we cut the tape holding all of them shut so they don’t end up torn in the process of opening and have at least some hope of being able to reuse them next year.