Un-hide and go seek

With children there seems to be this waiting period between peek-a-boo and hide-and-go-seek where they don’t find one very fun anymore, but don’t fully grasp the concept of the other well enough to actually play it successfully.

I honestly don’t have enough vivid memories of being 4 years old to remember whether or not I kicked ass at hide-and-go-seek, but as far back as I can remember- I was awesome.
Sure, I chose behind the shower curtain more times than I care to admit, and that is the place that most everyone looks first in the heat of the game, but at least my body was HIDDEN.

That’s why it’s called HIDE and go seek, right? It’s not stand-in-plain-sight and go seek, or DON’T-hide-and-go-seek… but you sure could have fooled Holden because that is exactly how he plays the game, and he insists on playing it every single day.

Someone explain to me how putting a dish rag over your head and then lying on the floor right in front of me as I count is considered a ‘hiding spot’- and even if I pretend to not be able to see him (which makes me feel completely ridiculous by the way), as i’m calling out
“here I come!” or the age old “where are you?” (which you are NEVER supposed to respond to), I hear maniacal giggles followed by a “I’M RIGHT HERE!”

Even if the kid manages to get his body covered (with a foot sticking out of course), he laughs so hard that the entire blanket shakes. I’m not THAT good of an actress, kid! There is only so far I can stretch this whole ‘you’re wearing an invisible cloak’ thing.

I mean, when it’s my turn to hide, I make damn sure the kids won’t be able to find me for a full 5 minutes… just to get a couple of minutes of peace and quiet… but don’t tell them that.

I guess I play along with him for the same reason I don’t send his ass back to the beginning when he pulls the wrong card during Candyland.
Love? Nah.
I just can’t stand the sound of whine.

Posted on December 8, 2011 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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    I no longer feel ALONE in the world now.

    I hide in the most INSANE spots so Emry can’t find me.. I bring a book, get some reading time in.

    (Bad parenting? No… I call it “Mommy Time” multi-tasking with PLAY TIME)

  • The great, or not so great thing about playing with a 4yr old, and I have one as well is… they think if they can’t see you, you can’t see them, no matter how little of them is actually hidden.

    Declan loves to play and he giggles so loud before I’m even done counting that I know exactly where he is. He’s having fun.