I’ve created a monster.

There are many things I try to instill into my boys as a parent. Values and things of that ilk. I certainly don’t want him growing up to be a total asshole or have no friends because of his attitude.

One of the core things I want him to have is good self esteem. Growing up I usually felt like shit about myself and that’s never a good feeling to have as a child. I have tried to show him how to be complimentary of others, to be kind, and of course to say please and thank you.

We try to NEVER use the word “ugly” around him, because like most children, he is a little sponge and will absorb and then spew back out most of the things he hears that he knows aren’t curse words. The last thing I want him doing is calling some stranger “ugly” in public and ruin their entire fucking day, or get myself punched in the face for spawning a jerk.

On a daily basis he hears the words “cute” and “handsome” in reference to himself. Not just from me, but from friends and family as well- because who is going to come over and call a 4 year old child ugly to his face? You wouldn’t even do that to the most hideous of crotch creations. And it helps that he IS in fact cute (in my own humble opinion of course.)
I make it a point to compliment him daily, tell him when his outfit looks good (of course it does, I picked it out!)- but all of this has gone to his abnormally large already head.

The mirrors in our house are generally too high up for him to look into, other than the full length mirror in the master bedroom. Any time I have seen him looking at himself in that mirror in the past, he only makes silly and strange faces at himself (mouth agape, tongue out, complete with odd sound effects)- why? I don’t know. Why does he do ANYTHING he does?

Well, today I caught him in the bathroom, on top of the sink, staring at himself with a very pleased look on his face.

“What are you DOING??” I exclaim, shocked that he’d managed to climb himself onto the sink and didn’t realize it was a terrible idea (and one that could get him in trouble).

His response?

“I love being good looking”

Dear God, WHAT HAVE I DONE? I have created a monster! A stuck up narcissistic 4 year old monster.

His only saving grace may be that he likes to talk (and talk and talk), but has no idea what he’s actually talking about, because when I asked him what he thought was good looking about himself, he said
“My bones”
2nd answer:
“My knees”

There may be hope for him yet.

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