Disney dreaming… or pipe dreaming?

Ever since we got back from Disneyworld in April, we’ve wanted to go back. We knew it would be a long shot to make happen, as it was incredibly expensive even with help, but who DOESN’T want to go and see the mouse and watch the magic and amazement on your childrens faces as the experience it for the first time?

Along with the memories of fun we had, we also made many memories with my aunt- and it was her first and only time ever meeting my boys. Even weeks before her passing, we started tossing around the idea of going back and seeing her again, because we knew how much the boys enjoyed her company, and how much she loved being around them even for the short time we got to spend with her.

When she passed, the bottom dropped out. Why go back if she can’t be there with us? Won’t it just be pouring salt in a very new wound? Tearing off a scab that has just barely formed?

And then I realized she would never want me to look at it that way. She would WANT us to go back, would want the boys to have another amazing and magical time even if she couldn’t be there. Even if we couldn’t have here there with us, we could go and remember all the memories we made with her. We could go in TRIBUTE to her.

Not long before her passing I received mail from Disney, as if it was meant to be, offering 30-35% off of our stay if we book before the end of this month. That’s a LOT of damn money to take off the top (even if the remainder would still be painful). And I want to make it happen.

TWO disney trips in under 365 days? Who the hell am I kidding? Can we actually do this again? Isn’t it being a little greedy?

It would be our last family trip before Holden starts elementary school next fall, and the last time we can ever go in what is considered “off-peak” season. It would be perfect, IF we can make it work financially.

It would be SO much fun… but then all those crazy moments pop into my head and how fucking tough it was with two ornery and exhausted children to tote around for however many days we stayed.

Two kids on a flight, one of whom sits in a lap and does NOT want to sit in a lap? The other who screamed for 20 minutes because his ears wouldn’t pop, and all the ugly looks we got from those sitting near us?

Even with the meal plan, you still have to tip- and when your comped meal comes out to $120, a tip is still a painful pill to swallow, and that is every.single.night.

I still can’t look at a pot-sticker the same way since our last night at Disney and the vomiting the preceded from Holden into the wee hours of the morning, and even covered himself (and our rental stroller) in it INSIDE the park. The maintenance workers were none too pleased with us that day, and neither of us could eat lunch and could hardly stomach dinner. What did the front desk woman say when I called to tell her the room was covered in vomit? “Have a magical day”- Bitch. Puke is not magical.

The fact that my right leg swelled up to twice its normal size and my entire body broke out in a rash thanks to the heat reflecting off of the concrete at Epcot, making it so I could hardly walk. It’s not good to not be able to walk at Disney, when it’s ALL you’re supposed to be able to do.

Feeling like my feet were going to fall the fuck off every single day and having nearly an orgasmic reaction when I finally got to take my shoes off… ok, that one might not be so bad.

The 2 hour fit Holden threw over not being able to wear socks (YES, SOCKS) one day and having his face look like it was melting in nearly every single photo.

The lack of naps and insurgence of tantrums. Take a child out into the heat for 12 hours a day and don’t force them into submission and you are bound to pay a lofty price.

Even with all of that, i’d really be a bitch to complain. We had 5 amazing nights and 6 amazing days in the most magical fucking place on earth, and i’d be selfish bitch to not be thanking the heavens for such an opportunity… which is why I am not praying to the heavens to let us go back.

Fingers crossed, because if the price is right, i’m booking that bitch and RUNNING.

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  • A few ideas that may help with costs:
    -If someone in the family has a health reason you can bring your own food! This includes picky kids, hypo-glycemic, diabetic, food allergies, someone on a special diet, and yes, even regular old sensitive stomachs! We brought in a giant backpack full of food and had refillable water bottles, then only sprang for the special items that you cannot get elsewhere like a couple churros while waiting for fireworks or a nice sit-down dinner for the “birthday boy” (my father decide what better way to celebrate than taking his grandson for his first trip and so turned 60 in the park) We had the bags checked, as did everyone else but were never questioned about it.
    -I dont know if it is near Disney World, but because we are in California and so do Disneyland andstay at the Candy Cane Inn a few blocks away for several reasons: free continental breakfasts are much better than an $8 cinna-Minnie Roll that will make you have a sugar spike then a resulting crash an hour later. The same goes for coffees, etc. that shit adds up fast. They are also cheaper than the same quality hotels and even a few better ones, but still worlds better than the “inexpensive” places to stay. They also have an on-site laundry room (in case a stomach rebellion happens anyway). It also has a tram bus to take you back and forth if anyone decides to save their legs for walking in the park as opposed to hoofing it a few blocks down the street.
    -Assign a price limit on souveigners and make sure they get it that you still hold veto powers before the kids can buy anything! If something is just a few dollars above what they have left to spend, its up to you to be flexible or not, or you can write it down/take a photo with a phone of whatwver they are not getting in park and order it for the gift you get them at holidays or birthdays. (I say veto powerbecause this rule minus vetoing resulted in way more rubber ducks than any kid should own. This was not in a small child either, itwas my then 13 year od bro on a previous trip)
    -Bring your own stroller or even a wagon if you are willing to wrestle with it. A wagon is a good means of transportation that can hold both boys (or everyones bags while they walk) and a stroller can still do bags and a single kid. The fee for rental strollers may not be much but it also adds to the final cost also.
    -Bring toys with you so you arent tempted to buy them extra crap from the park just to keep them occupied back at the hotel. This could also be crayons, games, whatever else you think will help, even if you have to stuff a few into yours and your hubbys suitcases. I parred my clothes way down, asdid my hubby and my parents so we could fit more games for my son and were glad we did.
    -Bring their creature comforts from home. You dont want to get there and find out the hard way that so-and-so will not sleep without their Cars soap in their bath, Mickey on TV or Nemo doll they always snuggle with and end up having to buy another, especially when the exact same item is half the price or less anywhere else besides the park.

  • Oh, most importantly: buy a multi-day pass ahead of time at somewhere like Costco or sometimes AAA has them. Multi-day is cheaper than multiple single day tickets and parkhoper (if available) is cheaper than a ticket for each park.

  • lol thanks for the tips. We just went in April and I did a TON of research before going, but money wise it was a lot different.
    No wagon, so we’d have to buy it, which makes renting one worth the price (we rented one from an offsite company who delivered it, ended up being cheaper and a hell of a lot better than the WDW plastic ones)
    With the 30-35% off, the place we were looking at staying is far less expensive than usual, and a close competitor with off-site locations.

    We’re planning on getting the meal plan (which I don’t believe you can get if you stay offsite) and staying for 5+ days, lugging food around isn’t wholly reasonable when you look at it that way- but it comes with snacks and all that jazz. We just ate breakfast in our room last time. Hardly paid for anything, and didn’t buy many souvenirs (they didn’t ask).

    I priced it all with the discount last night and it was actually a pretty satisfying price (WITHOUT flights, I don’t think we’re flying. ouch), but i’ll still look into other options as well

  • Oh and we’re getting the park-hopper multi-day. Gotta remember, WDW is 4 parks (and 2 water parks if you go that route) instead of 1.5