Two of everything

Having two boys close in age is great because they can play with the same toys.

Having two boys close in age is AWFUL because they can play with the same toys.

Both of those statements work, but as of late, I am more inclined to agree with the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, I hated having to try to find some kind of toy Parker didn’t already have as a hand-me-down to buy him as a gift, because it was nearly impossible, and it was fantastic having a hoard of toys for him to choose from without having to spend any extra money- but the blissfully unaware “baby” stage has slipped through my fingers, and no longer are the days where Parker is happy just playing with a piece of paper, or throwing legos across the room.

I now have on my hands one extremely aware toddler, and one stingy-ass preschooler, and when it comes to toys- more often than not- the two are like oil and vinegar.
As cool as I think Parker’s toys are, if Holden himself doesn’t have it in his hand, Parker wants absolutely nothing to do with it. Instead, he’d much rather take whatever Holden has as his own and smack at him if he DARE attempt to take it back.
Unfortunately for my ears, Holden seems to feel the same way; playing with baby toys just because Parker has taken an interest in it, snatching things away and then running away giggling wildly.

Out of the BILLIONS of toys that are crammed into every nook and cranny of this house, at ALL times, they MUST be playing with the same.exact.one.

Hundreds, quite possibly even thousands (or a thousand) of dollars worth of toys in this house, and those two little shits want to be playing with the same .79 cent matchbox car. All while they are surrounded by 5,000 other ones, but none of those will do. Oohhhhh no, because that would make far too much sense!

I have begun the stress and torture that is Christmas shopping, and every time I go to buy something I have this little voice in the back of my mind that screeches “YOU HAD BETTER BUY TWO OF THOSE!”
The voices in my head make good points, for if I just buy 1, inevitably they will end up tug-of-warring over it… and as much as I would love to be the mean Mommy (and I would also like to not waste a fuckton of money and have two of everything floating around) and either let them fight it out, or take it away completely, I am not sure how much more my sanity can take these days.

It’s a double edged sword, really. Either I buy ONE of each thing, and get them totally different toys, risk them cat-fighting and pulling hair like teenage girls, all the while teaching them the very important lesson of SHARING, and quite possibly lose my damn mind…
Or, I give in and spoil them like big fat blubbering babies and get them each the same damn toy as the other. Every single toy, thereby enabling the ridiculous fighting, but keeping myself from running away and joining the traveling circus.

And yes, if you’re wondering, we have in fact tried buying them something they can both play with at once…. they STILL manage to find a way to fight over it. Methinks they do it on purpose.

None of this helps me to decide WHAT in the hell to get them that I can actually afford two of.
If they can’t play nicely, I should honestly tell them they are on Santa’s naughty list and buy them two matching balls of coal… but let’s face it, I like playing with their new toys more than they do- so really i’m doing it for ME.
We all know the world revolves around the mother and not the child.

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