Then: Blogger, Now: Published Author

It feels so weird to say, or even type: I am now a published author. Granted, I am technically “self published”- but published nonetheless. I have written a book, and it is out there for any and everyone to buy and read.
A strange yet wholly gratifying feeling to move from ‘blogger’ to ‘author.’ I dare say it’s a dream come true.

To get to this point was a long and hard road. Not as long as some authors, but it felt like a lifetime. From hatching the idea and urging myself to stick with it on New Years Eve, to putting the pieces together, picking and choosing the perfect blogs to go into the book out of over 3,000, finding the time to jot things down during the day on pieces of paper, and forcing myself to work on the book every single night. For once I made a goal that I stuck to, that in itself I think is an accomplishment to be proud of.

I can’t lie and say that i’m not terrified. This isn’t just a book about blogging, it’s not just a book about poop or funny stories; this is my life in a book. This book is my feelings, things I have never said out loud, the things I didn’t feel comfortable enough to blog about. This book is ME- and what happens if people don’t like me?

Out of all of the things i’ve done in my life, I would dare to say that this will always rate in the top 5. Among the stress, and the craziness, the delays and the hurdles- here I am. The book is out.

I hope that anyone who buys it enjoys it. I hope that you laugh, or maybe you don’t feel so alone if you’ve been through the same ordeals. It was most certainly a labor of love and I can’t wait to hear the feedback.

Much love to you all! Thank you for riding along with me on this journey.

To buy the book in paperback form, click here:
Musings of a 20-something Mom, paperback version

To buy the kindle version, click here:
Musings of a 20-something Mom, Kindle version

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  • I’m sure it was unintentional, but at the beginning of the post, your wrote “I am *not* a published author” where I think you meant to write “I *AM* a published writer!”

    I think it is AWESOME!!! I am {super} new to your blog/page but I love it! And, I hope to join the ranks of published authors along with you someday…

  • WHOOPS! lol, yes, unintentional! That’s what I get for watching TV while I type!

    Come to the dark side… we have cookies (literally, I have cookies!)

  • Hey, I want cookies!

    Oh wait, I think there might be a stray box of Girl Scout cookies buried in the depths of my deep freeze…..

    Seriously though, huge congratulations on the book – that is just so incredibly awesome! I’m planning on ordering mine on Wednesday (ah the joys of only having cash flow once a month) and I can’t wait!


  • Just ordered…cant wait to read it!!