Pre-Christmas purging

Once again that time of year is upon us.

The time where I avoid going out in public at all costs because the stores and traffic are so out-of-fucking-control that a “quick trip” to the store to pick up essentials becomes a 3 hour long nightmare.

yes folks, it’s almost Christmas time.

Ok, ok, i’ve lightened up over the past few years, but my love/hate relationship with the holiday season is still strong.

So much stress and preparation (and massive amounts of money spent) goes into all of it that I get an overwhelming sense of dread.

In order to make room for what i’m positive will be an avalanche of new toys raining down on our house next month (most of which i’m sure will be cars that will attempt to break my neck four times per day), it is time to purge.
No, not food. I love food, don’t get me wrong, but not enough to want to see it again after it’s been swallowed.
It is time to purge toys.

It really should not take me a full hour just to pick up the living room because of how many random toys are carelessly strewn about (and I shouldn’t be the one picking them up either), but it does… and i’m over it!

Shit’s gotta go!

There is no worse pain on the face of the earth (outside of pushing a child through your vagina) than stepping on a fucking lego.
And i’d have more places to put said legos if there wasn’t so much other junk where they could easily be tucked away.

Honestly, there is a toy box with a gigantic bin at the bottom that I could dump and the boys would likely be none-the-wiser… but I am cheap, and thinking about tossing it all chaps my ass just a tad. Money down the drain. Plus i’m too lazy to go out in this mess of insanity and bumper-to-bumper cars to attempt to donate them. Put them in the garage? I think not. Our garage is bursting at the seams with crap we’ve yet to unpack or organize.

Come to think of it, it shouldn’t just be a toy purge, it should be an entire house purge.

‘Tis the season, right?

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  • Just a suggestion as I feel your pain, when our kids were that age, we would recycle the toys. Put them away somewhere then regive them to the boys. Sending on how smart the boys are and if their toys they haven’t played with because of the other million toys they have, they’ll never know and it saves on money. Also don’t know about in your area but usually the places you donate to will actually come pick them up. I either do all my shopping online or in the summer to avoid punching some ignorant person in the face. Lol