Dressing up vs. Dressing up

With the excitement of Halloween (and pounds of candy) still fresh on Holden’s mind, and the sudden TV bumrush of Thanksgiving and Christmas commercials (they couldn’t even wait a week!) he has many questions that normally never come up during other times of the year.

You see, Holden has never worn anything fancier than a button up shirt in his entire life. I know some people think it’s “so adorable” to stick babies in tuxedos… but not me. I’m too cheap for that. We keep Holden pretty stylish- but in general I hate dressing up. I avoid it like the plague. It also helps that we do not come across occasions to need to get fancy but once in a blue moon… well, other than Thomas because of his ridiculous dress code at work.

During snack time today, a commercial came on TV where a boy about Holden’s age was putting on a suit… I imagine for Christmas; to be honest I wasn’t paying attention. I only saw it because Holden asked me if the boy was “dressing up for Halloween.”
Yes Holden, he’s going as a mini-pimp.

This brought on a 2-minute mind numbing conversation/argument about how there is a difference between “dressing up” and “dressing up for Halloween.”
No matter how I tried to break it down for him, he just couldn’t make sense of it.

“It’s like how Daddy dresses for work. Sometimes you have to wear fancy clothes for special occasions”
“But I want to wear what I wore for Halloween”
“No, that’s a costume”
“But… it’s dressing up! I want to dress up!”
“That’s a different kind of dressing up; you don’t wear a costume to Christmas dinner unless you’re Santa”

This went back and forth for what felt like an eternity. I was so exhausted from 2 very long nights (don’t be dirty, I was working on the book) that I felt slightly delirious. Every little thing was frustrating me, but I was so tired I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the conversation. 4 year old curiosity is too much to deal with after only four hours of sleep.

I finally gave up on trying to make him understand when he started talking about dressing up for a fucking tea party. How he learned about that, I have no idea (ahem, THOMAS! kidding…)

I didn’t think it was such a difficult concept to understand, but I guess when you use the same term for two different things it can implode a young child’s brain.

I can just imagine Holden sitting at Christmas dinner with our gigantic family, dressed in his pirate costume. At least then his open-mouth chewing, belching, and pounding of his fist on the table would be slightly more acceptable.

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