AMFam’s Stand Up for Family

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Before I had the boys, I used to watch Comedy Central ALL.THE.TIME. I love comedy, especially when it’s really funny stand up, but once I had kids running around the house who understood the English language beyond “mama” and “baba”, it just seemed inappropriate to continue watching things that were so overtly vulgar.


I miss laughing as hard as I used to, but I also want to be able to share in the fun with my kids. I have too much on my DVR most nights to wait until the kids are in bed to watch stand-up routines.


American Family Insurance is giving family the opportunity to watch stand-up together and NOT have to worry about the content or little innocent ears hearing something that’s wholly inappropriate with their Stand Up For Family comedy special. Stand-up For Family is a handful of actual stand-up comedians like Bill Bellamy, Rodney Perry, and Tony Roberts (plus more!) talking about thins ALL parents and kids can relate to, and things I often write about in my blog (only without the curse words).

The fight over taking baths, how life has changed for kids these days compared to when we were younger (ahem, no cell phones and video game controllers with JOYSTICKS), and even manners.


I’m so happy AmFam is doing this, and you can go to their website to watch the videos of the stand up routines now! No more waiting for prime time (my kids are in bed by then) I think a lot of us parents miss a good old fashioned belly laugh from a comedian; I know I do!

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