What’s the Dealio?

If you know anything about me outside of blogging, it’s that I am ALWAYS looking for a good deal. I’m not a great couponer, but if I have them, I will use them- and if I make ANY purchase online, I always scour the internet for coupons before doing so.
Money is always tight, so why not save it wherever and however I can? I’ve found so many great deals by searching online, but only after scanning through multiple websites for coupons that are actually real or still active. It gets to be a bit frustrating when you don’t know what will work or what’s even real- and even more frustrating to punch in a coupon code and have it come back invalid.

I think that may all have changed, because I came across a legit website chocked full of deals and coupons for any and everything your little heart could desire. Deals i’ve never heard about, but had I before, would have jumped all over in a heartbeat- especially with it being so close to Christmas and feeling that my small stash of money is quickly going to be flying out of the window.
The website is called Dealio and it is awesome. You can search by store, or just browse until your brain hurts from all the coupons. They even have some upcoming cyber monday offers for those looking to get their Christmas shopping started!
I’m excited to put this website to good use!

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