Puppies vs. Babies

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So I just heard about this online contest going on right now and until November 21st- and while it seems so silly to me, I had to blog about it!


The contest is called Puppies vs. Babies and it’s trying to figure out who America thinks is cuter- puppies, or babies, And the winner of the contest gets $5,000! I guess that’s not so silly after all, right?


Now my vote is clearly swayed. I am not at all a dog person, and while I would agree that puppies are adorable- they do not hold a CANDLE to the cuteness that is a squishy little baby. Sure, they both drool, they’re both wrinkly, they both whine and pee themselves on occasion- but really, PUPPIES cuter than BABIES? I don’t think so! Little babies look like wrinkly old bald men, it just doesn’t get much cuter than that; plus there’s that “new baby smell” that nothing else can imitate, especially not a stinky little carpet pooping dog.


Moms unite! Go and vote in the Puppies vs. Babies online contest and lets show the canines whose boss! We can’t let something that walks on all fours take the title from humans!

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