That’s right, I said it! MMMBOP.

Tonight I am being released from my Mommy cage, and what better to do than the most immature thing I can think of: relive my glory days of fangirldom and go see Hanson.

That’s right, I said it! HANSON. And i’m not one bit ashamed of it either!
Back in the day, Hanson was.my.shit.

I’m somewhat excited just to get the hell out of this house, because if I don’t, I fear I might finally make good on that promise to run away with the traveling circus- but i’m also excited to see the show, because for a good chunk of my younger teen years- I was downright psycho-ass teenybopping fangirl obsessed with Hanson.

Not your run of the mill “i’m just a really big fan” type of worship, but they basically owned my life. I LOVED them. An intense creepy kind of love. I recorded every single time they came on TV and watched it over and over again; I started newsletters about them; collected pictures… I was even interviewed by the local newspaper when they came to town in concert- and even though I fully admit my insanity, they made me sound like a mouth-frothing stalker.
Every single wall and most of the surfaces I could stick things to in my room was completely plastered with their faces; yes, even the light switch cover. I would post a picture, but I fear that no one can handle the absolute absurdity of my past obsession… I also fear you might attempt to have me committed.

Yes, I was THAT GIRL. That same type of girl that I made fun of on this very blog when I met Ryan Buell… except, to give myself a little credit, I did not write them a 9 page handwritten note and creepy exclaim that I “stayed up all night” to do so; I also didn’t cry upon meeting them…. but I think the walls speak volumes on their own. Plus my absolute and complete certainty that one day, I would in fact marry Taylor Hanson.
So much for that.

It took me a long time to un-Hanson myself (even if I always held them in high regard because they were in fact the ones to inspire me to pick up a guitar), but i’m getting old… and when you start to feel older than your age, sometimes you need a good old fashioned psycho-stalking fangirl throwback to feel young and insane again.

Time to dance my old ass off like it’s 1997.
Ahhh, to be young and insane again!

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  • I live in a town that I can see Donny Osmond any time I want…and I’m not ashamed of it either…You have a blast…enjoy getting away from the kids to be a kid…best kind of Mommy day off EVER!!!