Mice and Ghosts: one in the same?

There are two things that I had hoped to be rid of when we moved in August. Two things that have been bothering me SO much, I can’t even describe to you. One has been with me my whole life, and the next seemed to be a plague on the last house.
A new house should equal a fresh start, shouldn’t it? PSH! Not for me! My luck always seems to be lacking, so of course, the two things I hate the most would follow me here.

The first, the one that has been with me my entire life… is ghosts… or even just paranormal events in general. To some it may seem crazy, but if you know me, and you know what i’ve been through- it’s not all that out there.
My entire life has been one paranormal event after the other, i’m even writing my next book about it.

The last house we lived in was constantly having weird things happen. Doors opening on their own, Holden telling me there was a “man” under his bed, talking to things that weren’t there (and this was before any sense of imagination kicked in with him), pounding on the walls… it’s enough to keep anyone up at night. Me? I’m a huge scaredy cat. I might be slightly obsessed with the paranormal, but I don’t like when it happens to me- and it always has.
I’ve never known if it’s just the places I live in, and the off-chance that i’d end up moving into another “haunted” house- the area we live in is thick with history, so you just never know. I had a few years of silence, but once Holden was born it kicked right back up again.

Every time I move, I always hope the ghosts won’t go with me, or that finally i’ll move into a place that ISN’T creepy- and every time I am sourly disappointed.

It did NOT take long for weird things to start happening in this house.
Some that could be explained by the 2nd most plaguing thing for me in the past few years- MICE- which we have now spotted in this house, but other things you can’t exactly explain away by a singular little mouse, unless he was hit by a truck full of bio hazardous- material.
I hate hate HATE mice, they are disgusting little vermin.. but at times I can’t determine which bothers me more- things that go bump in the night, or tiny little rodents.

The freaky happenings started early on here, with sounds of a baby toy jingling from upstairs. A baby toy we recognized the sound of, but haven’t seen since before we moved, and haven’t been able to find since- so there’s no telling where that sound was coming from.
The next was when I was getting ready for bed one night in the bathroom, and I heard distinct footsteps coming from outside the bathroom door.
Clomp, clomp, clomp.
My heart stopped for just a moment, but I thought it could be one of the boys awake- since they LOVE to get out of bed during my nighttime routine. Nope. Both sound asleep.

Imagination? Maybe. But I am a debunker, and I couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for that.

The next was far more creepy, and far less explainable.

One night after bathtime, as I was walking Holden into his room to put him to sleep, he pointed to something on his floor and asked me
“Mommy, who wrote that on my floor?”
I looked down and saw letters scratched into the carpet.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what it says- many people think it says “Carl”… and if that’s the case, Carl better GTFO!
You may think Holden easily could have done it and blamed it on someone else, but he’s just not the type. His style is to take a proud claim to the letters he draws, and he has NEVER drawn them into the carpet before. No matter how many times I asked him, he insisted that he did not do it. And the letters, or whatever they are, were so deep that it took me a lot of rubbing to get them to go away.

That alone was enough to give me the heebie jeebies. I guess once it started and knew it got a rise out of us, it decided it would go on a roll.
The next event was banging and movement from the kitchen while Thomas and I were sitting in the living room (the two are separated by a wall, with two openings into it. If something is going on in one room from the other, you know what it is, there’s no mistaking it). LOUD banging. I know i’m not insane when Thomas hears it too, and he jumped up immediately to inspect. Nothing was there.

It appears the fun had just begun, because a few days after that we found writing on our walls. Too high to be kids fingers, and with no distinct colors. It was as if it was scratched into the wall in a LIGHTER color. You could only see it in a particular lighting, but there it was… A couple of distinct X’s and maybe an M and a Y.

It’s a little hard to see this one, so either tilt your screen back or cock your head. It’s still there now, for me to see every day and wonder WTF it is.

Not even a week later, I was upstairs, once again in the bathroom getting ready for bed when a text came through on my phone, scaring the absolute SHIT out of me. It was Thomas, from downstairs.
“A chair just moved in the kitchen”
Thomas is a skeptic. He probably thinks a lot of the things I tell him are delusion, or that i’m just batshit crazy… so for him to text me that something in the kitchen moved is a big deal. Needless to say, I did NOT get much sleep that night, and had an insanely creepy feeling while walking in the darkness down the upstairs hall from the bathroom to the bedroom. A creepy feeling I get often up there- but never as strong as that night. I felt like something was watching me, like someone was behind me the entire time. I don’t like that feeling. It’s that exact feeling that had me crying myself to sleep at night as a child.

I swore that if ONE more thing happened, I would be contacting a reputable paranormal investigator to come see what the hell is going on here. I’m still waiting for that next event… for now, that real LIVE vermin has GOT TO GO. Finding mouse poop in my dishes and bakeware also gives me the heebies, but for totally different reasons.

Can’t I just have ONE vermin free house? Dead or alive??

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  • Your experiences sound almost identical to my life! We just moved to the country and it was cool and mellow at first, but now a man has been around. Scares me, but I feel like I should be used to it.

  • Do you think it is the same ghost following you or do you think they are connected to the homes? I have to admit, I would be totally freaked the eff out about it…

  • That’s a question i’ve asked myself since childhood. I refuse to acknowledge whatever it is (outloud anyways)- i’m not sure I want to know!

  • lol sorry but this made me giggle,i like ghosts personally-i can tell theyre there thanks to a screechy sort of sound,like when they try to annoy people by playing a high-frequency sound older people cant hear,i just look towards em and it usually goes away quickly,i like making friends with em in subtle ways though 🙂 mice still gross me out though,if only this was my apartment id get a fuckin exterminator,i dont even like hamsters so knowing theres mice and squirrels around the house is SO disgusting 🙁 love your blog btw

  • I know what you mean about trying to deal with paranormal activity. There is a thing called Ghost Meter Pro(Amazon or Ebay) that measures EMG energy which spirits give off. You can even set it so you can ask yes or no questions. It’s BEYOND friggin cool!!!