The hand me down king

When I found out that Parker was a boy, next to being completely and utterly pissed off that I would still be the only vagina in the house, I was concerned. Concerned that Parker would never get anything of his own because he has an older brother born the same month as him, with clothes and toys as far as the eye could see. Second child syndrome, I called it. Never anything new, always hand-me-downs, and he would become resentful because of it.

Time wearing on after his birth did nothing to squelch this fear, because it became clear that I was right. Holden has so much, when it came time to try and find a gift for Parker for any occasion, or something to wear, I couldn’t think of ANYTHING he didn’t already have thanks to Holden. The kid was set for life.

Not all kids can grow like Holden did though. 25 lbs at 6 months old is not exactly normal, and we ran into the issue of Parker never being big enough in the right season to wear any of Holden’s clothes. That is when I began to see just how valuable having hand me downs are. Less money spent, no running out and having to stock up on anything. Hand me downs kick ass, to put it simply. And I began to loathe having so many clothes i’d saved just for Parker, and him not being able to even come close to fitting into them. Any time we tried, it was like he was swimming in them. It made him look even smaller than he already is. I often compare him to the kid in big once he’s shrunken down from Tom Hanks at the end of the movie… it was just too ridiculous to even try.

We’ve been looking and looking for a jacket for Parker to wear and haven’t been successful in finding anything that isn’t completely hideous, so I decided to go searching through old bins of clothes in his closet we’d saved from Holden just to see if there was ANYTHING i’d missed. I thought i’d gone through everything already and pulled out anything even remotely acceptable (and not ridiculous in how it fit)… and then I found it. A fucking GOLDMINE of clothing. I didn’t even know I had it.

An entire gigantic tupperware bin of 2T clothing, all in the right season, all in the right size. It was like Christmas morning.

As much as I love going shopping for kids clothes, it can be a dreadful experience attempting to find anything that doesn’t have footballs or cutesy “boyish” crap spewed all over them. I took a hell of a long time picking out things for Holden, and when I came across this bin, I realized just how much i’d missed all the clothes Holden used to wear. Stylish little thing, he was.And now stylish Parker will be… even if I have to tighten the waistbands on every single pair of pants to prevent him from mooning the entirety of the city.

This still doesn’t solve the problem of Christmas gifts… what in the flying FART am I going to buy the child that has everything? At least it checks one thing off the list.

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