Get a $5 Gift Card by winning the Referral Contest! "Rules"

Ok, so there aren’t really any “RULES”- but a few guidelines and a general “how to play” is what i’m going to give you here!

It’s EASY. Basically all you have to do is get people to like the Holdin’ Holden Facebook Fan page, and post on the wall that YOU sent them (otherwise, how would I keep track?)
If you get the most, you WIN a $5 gift card at a place of your choice (assuming I can purchase one there, or here, in case where you want isn’t in my area. As much as i’d love to be, I am not magical)

The contest is 7 days long, so you have plenty of time, especially with the new funky Facebook settings, to spread the word.
The contest will start TOMORROW, Saturday Oct 8th, at 11am, and run until Saturday Oct 15 at 11am.

Some Guidelines
I don’t have any rules, but there are some things that would be great if you’d do them for me if you’re wanting to play.

Tell people what they are getting themselves into! If you have someone that you know on your Facebook page who is a curse-word hating, “my kid shits rainbows and butterflies”, doesn’t find sarcasm or gross stories amusing, I know it would be an extra point but please don’t refer them! Some people are just NOT prepared for me!
The whole purpose behind these contests and giveaways (for me anyways) is to promote my upcoming book- so try not to choose people you KNOW will hate me (and trust me, there are plenty!)

With new Facebook settings, my only piece of advice is that you might want to try either messaging people if your wall posts aren’t getting people over, or posting outside of Facebook. Use Twitter, any message boards you belong to. Those are great places to start.

The only other guideline is to do your best! I appreciate anyone willing to play and help to spread the word, and am more than happy to give out prizes for awesomeness!

Oh, and then there’s the obligatory:
Facebook is not responsible, not involved with, and not liable for this contest. It does meets Facebook’s contest Guidelines. 

I hope you all play, It’s an easy $5!! And it helps spread the word for my upcoming book, yay!
and good luck!

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