Fun with Preschool Workbooks

Let me just start off by saying that I think Holden is incredibly bright. Since he isn’t in preschool, i’m doing a lot of work with him at home with letters and colors and numbers and all the things he’d probably be learning if he was in school- and I think he’s doing a fabulous job.

That being said- last night I was showing all the work he’s done over the past few days to Thomas, since Thomas is never home to see Holden in all his glory, and I noticed some things I hadn’t seen before.
Apparently while I wasn’t looking, Holden decided to do a little work on his own… and it is hilarious.

Usually when he’s working in his books, I keep an eye on him so that if he has any questions or is doing something that needs to be corrected or worked on some more, I can help him out. It would appear that when i’m NOT around, he takes some serious artistic license with his work.

Allow me to show you:

This is a page where you are supposed to circle the square shapes. Tell me why there is one gigantic monolith and a bunch of triangles scattered about? Perhaps he’s remembering his trip to DC and reminding me that I refused to walk another half a mile to take him to see the monument?

Here, my friends, is the page of triangles. That little creature that looks like it did a backflip the wrong way and landed on its head? I have no idea what that is.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a giant green blimp and squares falling from the sky!

It’s RED mommy, didn’t you know that? DERRRRRRRR

I guess to a 4 year old, these two “purple”s look exactly the same. To me, it looks like he was telling me he needed to take a wiz.

YEY for yellow and gangrene bananas!! The excitement was uncontrollable.

I think Holden might be obsessed with the show “Party of Five” That Neve Campbell, some guys just can’t resist.

He must be a super genius if he already knows binary code.

Oh Holden, you never cease to make me giggle. Especially late at night when i’ve had a few drinks.

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