Don’t encourage him!

Parker may not be a man of many words, but he has a cornucopia of sound effects he uses on a daily basis for just about anything you could imagine.

I’m glad that even if he can’t, or won’t say a word, he will make a sound for whatever it is he wants and I can actually understand instead of playing a perpetual guessing game, but we always encourage him to say the word instead.

As funny as it is to give him a chicken nugget and hear him cluck like a chicken (albeit slightly disturbing to make the sound of the animal he’s about to eat), i’d much rather him SAY chicken. It might lessen my amusement for the day, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Holden is still pretty young, and doesn’t fully comprehend the issues that Parker has, but we’ve tried to tell him that as much as he can, he should point things out for Parker and tell him what they are. Obviously he can’t practice with him, but every little bit helps.

Lately i’ve caught Holden doing quite the opposite, though.
Instead of saying “more” Parker says “mo”, and multiple times during the day if you’re within earshot you can hear him yelling “MO! MO! MO!” for whatever it is that he wants.
While playing with Holden a few days ago, I heard the familiar call of “mo!” only to hear Holden respond with “ok Parker, you want mo? I’ll give you mo!”
It was the first time I had to tell him NOT to encourage the way Parker speaks. Don’t repeat words you know are wrong! It wouldn’t be the last time, though.

Today we didn’t have a hell of a lot of plans other than to carve the pumpkin and cut the boys hair, but we needed to make a trip to the store to pick up some essentials. So much for a lazy day!
On any normal car ride, I usually have to tune the kids out. They fight, they argue, they scream and slap at each other over stupid toys. If I listen to it, I will likely go completely insane… because you can’t stop them from fighting when we’re all strapped into a box together. Holden is the king of antagonizers.
So per usual, I was spacing out on who knows what- the boys in the back blabbering away- when I hear Thomas say
“What the fuck is a woop woop?”
I cocked my head to the side. A woop woop? Where did that even come from? I snapped out of my Sunday daze just in time to hear Holden saying to Parker “Yeah Parker, look, there’s another woop woop!”
Not a clue on the planet what they were talking about, what mistaken word Holden was encouraging this time around, and then Thomas has an epiphany.

The whole way to the store, no matter which way we went, we kept seeing car accidents. At said car accidents were ambulances, fire trucks, and cop cars. Parker cannot say any of these words, so instead he makes a siren sound. The siren, coming from Parker, sounds like WOOP! WOOP!

Holden, STOP ENCOURAGING HIM! I had to tell him 5 times at least on that trip, the way there and back, to STOP calling the emergency vehicles “woop woop”s.

What’s next? Holden reverting and calling Elmo MELMO, or the color Yellow “Lowlow”? Maybe a day of threatening to put him back in diapers will pinch the habit in the ass.

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