A big fat book update.

What, you thought I forgot??

I’ve been making a huge push on Facebook to get the word out about the book, some might even consider me “spam”- but I realized I haven’t made much mention of the book’s progress around here in a while. And with all the new faces coming round (HI!) I thought it time to let everyone know what the hell is going on, because it may begin to seem like my book is some kind of mythological creature. It’s not! There IS a book!

Hell or high-water, this book WILL come out next month. My ultimate goal is for November 15th, but not only am I still waiting on the forward, but Amazon keeps their approval process very hush hush, so I guess it really depends on when I submit it and when they decide to remove thumbs from asses and do some work. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be mean, because it could be instantaneous- I truly have no idea.
NOVEMBER. I’m telling you, it WILL be November… just in time for Christmas shopping (that is my evil little plan.)

The book will be released on AMAZON.com so it should be pretty easy to pick up wherever you are. No going to some smelly obscure tiny corner book store that I had to beg to even let me put a copy there- I spent 9 months writing the book, i’m too tired to beg. Amazon could possibly release it in stores, which ones I honestly have no idea, again, all very top-secret hush hush shit over there.

You might be wondering the price, I honestly haven’t decided yet. I’m trying to pick one that won’t be too expensive, but with Amazon taking a cut of every book sold, if I make it too cheap I get nothing- and damnit I made the error of promising the kids a trip to Disneyworld if the book did well and I do NOT like to disappoint. Unfortunately Holden with his ridiculously extensive memory never lets you forget ANYTHING you promise.

“Musings of a 20-something Mom” will be released in paperback form and for your e-reader. I know people keep pushing for me to release as an e-book but after three years of blog work and 1 year of book work, I just don’t want to release it that way! I want to see my book as a BOOK. I want people to HOLD it in their hands. Maybe i’m weird. Or obsessed with books. Or both. Probably both.
So no, no e-book. E-reader, YES. E-book, NO. Unless someone makes a very convincing point… doubtful there though.

So there it is! I’m really incredibly excited, but also very nervous… because this could go SO many ways that it makes my head spin.
Obviously I hope that the book is a hit and I get picked up by a real publisher and and hit the best-sellers list; who wouldn’t hope that for their very own creation? Just like we all hope that our children don’t come out ugly.
There is always a potential that the book sucks, everyone will hate it, i’ll sell 5 copies and be a gigantic suck-ass failure.
Fingers crossed it doesn’t go down that road, I think I would be too ashamed to blog if that happened.

Clearly I can’t hope that everyone coming to the blog to read my regular rantings will buy the book- but I SURE CAN HOPE YA DO!

And just a little FYI: The book is not all sarcasm and shit jokes. As much as I love those- the blog is my LIFE. The funny, sad, crazy, intense things that go on in my life. I promise you will laugh, but it also deals with death and disappointment and cyber-bullying.
I think you’ll like it, hope you love it. And soon, I guess, i’ll find out!
Less than a month, y’all!

If you would be so kind as to help me get the word out by telling your friends to come to this blog, or like my Facebook page, it would mean the world to me!

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  • It’s nice to know that I found one more person I can relate with. I wish you all the best with your book. It’s a labor of love just as much as raising kids. It’s not always fun or easy but in the end it sure is worth it.
    I just started reading your blogs last night and so far, I’m enjoying it. Keep rockin \m/

  • I just started reading your blog today and I have to say that I have laughed out loud several times and I’ve only read 3 so far!! I’m not a blogger or reader of blogs but I will be keeping up w/ yours now and I’ll be buying that book too!! I’ll be sending my fellow mommy friends your way as well 🙂