Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Mobility has been a mixed bag of tricks when it comes to Parker.
I figured once he was able to move about on his own, he would of course become more independent, become his own person, do his own things, give me TWO SECONDS of peace and quiet some time throughout the day- I mean, something had to give, right? The clingiest child on earth couldn’t possibly get clingier, could he?

The answer is YES, wtf was I thinking, of course he could get clingier! But not just to me, to EVERYONE.
You see, becoming mobile for Parker meant that he didn’t have to stay in one spot and scream until someone finally gave up and realized he wasn’t ever going to calm himself down and would pick him up- mobility meant that he could continually the screaming… only following people AROUND to do it; thus increasing his annoyingability exponentially.

But- it is not just me that is the object of his affection. I think I may actually be the LAST on his list, but the easiest to get to during the day. His main obsession is, has, and always will be big brother Holden. Holden is the apple of Parker’s eye. Holden is the “cool big brother”- the one Parker wants to walk like, talk like, be like… and Holden is the master of egging this obsession on.

He always has to be the center of attention; loud, slightly obnoxious, lime light stealing, attention seeking- that is Holden hands down. So to have a little brother who wants to be with him all the time? It’s heaven for Holden… but it leads to a lot of problems for Parker, and in turn, me.

You see, EVERYTHING Holden does- Parker wants to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s something he can’t do, or is dangerous to do for a kid his size- if Holden is doing it, Parker will be doing it right after him.

Playing with the phone? Parker wants to play too! This leads to a screaming match because during the day time, there is only one phone to go around. Climbing up on the bed and jumping on it? Parker wants to do it too! This leads to Parker getting flung off of the bed and stuck between that and the wall and screaming until he’s blue in the face. Working in preschool work books? Parker wants to do it too! Only, Holden refuses to share his workbooks, which leads to a coloring fight… and a ruined workbook. Brushing his teeth? Parker wants to do it at the EXACT same time, only there is only room enough for one child on the stepping stool, which leads to a shoving match of epic proportions, and of course, a double meltdown when I tell them that they have to take turns.

Hello gray hairs! I thought I had dyed over you and put you to rest for the time being… but there you are, sprouting up yet again.

The only way this works in my favor is when they are either playing well together (RARE OCCURRENCE), or when Parker sees Holden eating something he would usually NEVER dare to touch, but since Holden is eating it- he wants to as well. That can also be bad though, because even though Parker has the same food on his plate that Holden has, he wants the food on Holden’s plate instead.

This leads to many more “i’m going to sell you on Craigslist!” kinds of days. Another week where I am so happy it’s Friday I could squeal.

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