What else could I possibly be referring to other than DRAMA? It’s always there in my life, lurking in the depths and shadows, waiting for the most inconvenient time to pop out… but to be honest, this time I was expecting it! Maybe not so soon, but I was aware it was likely inevitable.

For those who have just started reading this blog, you don’t know all that has happened during the time it’s been up, the shit that’s been said, the cat fights and mud slinging, and you likely won’t fully comprehend unless you are awesome enough to buy my book when it comes out and read the chapter about the knock down drag out main event.

You see, over time, i’ve come to realize that there is no gray area when it comes to this blog. Either you love it, or you hate it; and for those that hate it, they REALLY HATE IT. I am the devil incarnate to those who don’t think i’m even the slightest bit funny, but instead take my sarcasm as seriousness and go around moaning and whining about how I compared one of my kids to Damien from The Omen, as if that made the the worst person on the entire planet to even TYPE such a thing! GASP!

One group in particular took it much further, and had it out for me for a VERY long time. Anything I wrote or typed in passing somehow made it back to them and turned into some huge ordeal.
I was very aware when I wrote the book, and for the first time explained the ridiculous situation in full, that I would be opening myself up to a second coming of hate. I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been slightly concerned about it, I have been. And not just them, but backlash from family too- because I let it ALL hang out in the book; and while the drama with my family has been cleared up and a cease fire has been reached, picking open an old sore wound could lead to some issues… but that’s family. And family can be insane, but not certifiably like the ones i’ve been referring to.

I had no idea if I was even still being spoken about behind my back concerning all the things that happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I was, some people just can’t let shit go- and after last night it seems like somewhere, someone is still holding a of grudge. Awww, i’m unforgettable!

I’ve been pretty mindful to all the new “fans” who Liked my Facebook Fan page, because I could spam the hell out of them if I felt so inclined. I try my best not to, because the last thing I want to do is to turn people off- so I only post the link on my personal page once or twice a day at most, and post updates on the Fan page a couple of times a day with things I think are funny. I haven’t even switched my Twitter feed for this blog over to the fan page, just to keep the clutter down.

Last night when I went to post a link to the fan page from my personal page- I was shot down by the powers that be in Facebook land. I was told i’d been marked as spam. By who? Fuck if I know, but I was not allowed to link to my page until it was cleared up… so I had to file a complaint about my own damn page, and hope that Facebook agreed with me that it was utter horse-hockey that i’d been flagged in the first place.

At first I was livid. Who the hell marked me as spam? I’m certainly not spamming! Is one of my friends really crappy enough to flag me, instead of ignoring my random posts?
After some venting to friends, the consensus seemed to be between them that it must have been one of the crazies from times past. I still have some facebook friends that are mutual friends with them, it’s possible they saw one of my posts somewhere along the way and jumped all over it just to attempt to put the kibosh on my book before it even comes out. I’m not that much of a conspiracy theorist, but I can agree that it is all too possible.
I think that just goes to show you how juicy that chapter about them is going to be, if it did happen to be them doing the clicking of the spam button.

I expected an overflow of drama when the book came out, and if any of them got their slimy hands on it- because in the past they’d gone as far as to threaten lawsuits against people (not just me), and had even threatened to come to my house at one point- just pure insanity. Once they read a chapter that will likely rip them apart limb by limb? Who the hell knows how nasty it could get again…. even though I mention NO real names and use no real quotes.

But currently, I just have to laugh at it. What else can I do? Crazy is crazy and nothing can be done about that- or I just have a really shitty friend in my midst.

Either way, nothing will stop me! The book is coming out, damnit! I spent nearly a year on this thing, and I am proud of how it’s turned out- and of course I want something i’ve poured so much of myself into and am taking such a personal chance on to be successful- and if anyone doesn’t like that, friend or not, they can kiss my pasty ass. I hope a fart slips out when they do.

I know that those who have chosen to laugh with me instead of getting their granny panties in a twist will love the book- and I appreciate all of those who have stuck by me and are helping to spread the word. It means more to me than you know.
For the rest? I will use an old internet meme saying: KISSEZ TO THE HATERZ!

Keep spreading the word, y’all. The book will be out soon!!

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  • me thinks your book will be my first official online purchase in years. I cannot wait to read the truth. (and you were soooooooooo not the only one who was threatened to have someone show up at your house)

  • I remember indirectly hearing about the crap you were being put through as well and the things said about you (along with other moms who didn’t side with the whack jobs)- I was none too pleased! I’m willing to take the brunt of the whackadoos this time around again, if it stops it from happening again in the future!

  • I personally think your blog is hillarious. I can relate to it, very much so. I just started reading it when you posted a link in our “freebie” group on FB. Most likely, someone wouldn’t like what you write because they don’t meet “social standards” that are written by who knows who, with something large stuck up their butt. But, when you get down to it- those people who cause drama’s poo stinks just as much as anyone’s else? It takes a brave person to speak their mind, no matter what everyone else will think about it. You get massive kudo’s from me.