I’m too old for this shit

Like many overworked overstressed Moms, I enjoy a cocktail (or 5) every now and then. Something to wash away the extreme stress of the day.

Most nights when I am having said cocktails, it’s just Thomas and I. We just don’t have friends over very often, and we definitely don’t get out much (read: ever).
When we have had people over in the past, I tend to go… overboard.
There was one night that ended with me puking and then crawling on my hands and knees down the hallway to get into bed. Either that or I end up blabbering incoherently about random bullshit and making a total ass of myself.

After those experiences, I have learned that I have to pace myself if I don’t want to become a pukey bumbling idiot.

Last night was the first time we’ve had people come over to the new house- and the people that came over were friends I haven’t seen in 5 years- and no, Facebook doesn’t count.

I felt myself beginning to get a little carried away, so I pulled back on the reins and played a bunch of rounds of Bananagrams to attempt to sober up a little. People always roll their eyes at Bananagrams like i’m the biggest boring loser on earth until they begin to play it… and then they get sucked in by its mystical wonderment and fall in love.

Although I don’t think I made an ass of myself like times past, somehow at probably 3am we thought it would be a fantastic idea to blow up some plastic inflatable boxing gloves and have an all out brawl in the driveway. Why I do these things, I do not know.

Once we realized that it was 4am, we decided to finally call it a night- knowing that we would absolutely be paying for it in the morning since the boys usually wake up around 7:30. 3.5 hours of sleep, WOOOO!

I woke up this morning feeling 10 kinds of wrong. Not the normal pounding headache wanting to vomit type of hangover… but the “holy shit i’m way too old to be doing these things anymore. I felt beat, exhausted, lethargic… and had a rather large and painful gash on my thumb and no damn idea where it came from.

Maybe all the jokes about me being old that were tossed around all night are really true. I used to be able to party with the best of them. Stay up all night and feel fine the next day. It’s amazing what a couple of years and 2 kids can do to a person- turned me into total old lady status.
And y’know what? I’m ok with that! As fun as it was hanging out with my friends… I have a damn bed time for a reason! Sleep is AWESOME.
Let me remind myself of that the next time i’m trying to beat someone with a giant plastic glove in the wee hours of the morning.

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