Daddy, Daddy, DADDY!

When it comes to parenting, Thomas and I got lucky enough to see eye to eye on most issues. I hear about the knock down drag out fights other couples (or non-couples) have when it comes to how to raise their kids or what to discipline them on, what to expose them to or keep them away from- and I thank the sweet baby jesus that we have never been one of those couples.

Or perhaps I just don’t notice it. It’s quite possible that Thomas does not agree with every decision i’ve made and just hasn’t spoken up about it, but I have to say if that’s the case, I appreciate him allowing me to take the reins and make the majority of the decisions- seeing as how i’m the one who has to deal with them every day all day… and that includes the tantrums that comes along with the decisions I/we have made.

It’s nice to be on the same page because when it comes down to Holden screaming bloody murder, stamping his feet and basically foaming at the mouth over some stupid ass toy he wants or broke or can’t figure out how to manipulate it in some stupid way that it isn’t meant to do and that is just NOT satisfactory to him- we are both telling him the same thing. There’s no flailing about, Mommy says one thing, Daddy says another. No. We both say the same, and it’s always been that way.
Four years of both of us saying the same things to Holden, and until the past week, he never even bothered to ask the other parent when one told him NO! What was the point? He knew he’d get the same answer.

Something in his brain must have SNAPPED, because Holden seems to have forgotten all that the past 4 years have taught him. He is the epitome of a hot ass mess.
And somehow in all of this, I became the bad guy.


And then it comes. It is an ear piercing, blood curdling, high octave shriek.


This only happens when I say no.
If Daddy says no, does Holden run to me and ask ME, looking for a different answer? Absolutely not!

When did I become the mean one? If anything, I am the nicest parent! I deal with their shit ALL day every day without selling them to the Gypsies- where’s the appreciation?
I’ll admit that I can be a hard ass about some things, as a Mommy sometimes if you don’t rule with an iron fist, the little monsters will walk ALL over you- and before you know it, they’re screaming and throwing food in public and standing on tables and peeing in corners.
We can’t have that, now can we? I know all too well how old crusty pee smells… and it’s not a smell I ever want to smell again!

I’m beginning to think that the WORST decision we ever made together was to buy Holden and Parker Geotracks as their big joint birthday gift. Sure, they love them… but how much is TOO much?
The other day Holden got put in two timeouts for panicking and screaming like he was possessed when the train went off the tracks that were only ever meant to be a few minutes long, and ended up lasting about 20 minutes a piece… both of which he spent the WHOLE time screaming/growling “DADDY!!!!!!!!!!”

Though, I suppose it’s lucky for him that he wasn’t calling me up there.

Having a 4 year old is VERY trying, by far the worst age yet for Holden. I miss my tiny little Mama’s boy. As frustrating as it was for me then to have a child who wanted NO ONE but me, I miss that now, because NOW, he wants everyone BUT me.
There’s always Parker… but he is Switzerland when it comes to parent love.

All Mommy wants is just a tiny bit of favoritism, that’s all I ask! Oh, and no blood curdling demon child shrieks. That would be nice, too.

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