Close to family

Authored by Rickey Combs
I really wish my parents would move closer to my family. I grew up in Arizona, and I went to UCLA, where I met my wife. We now reside in Southern California with our three children. I have tried to convince my parents in recent years to move closer to us and my sister who is also in California. I want them to move closer for a number of reasons. Their health has deteriorated in recent years, and I would like to be closer to them to help out. I also want them to be able to spend time with my children before they are grown. The problem is that with my current job, moving is not an option right now, so my parents would need to come to us. However, they have lived in Arizona their whole lives, and they have decided that they do not want to leave. They live pretty far out from the rest of civilization, and for a long time they did not get internet service because of their location. I did some research to see if satellite internet was a possible option for them. I searched “Paradise valley HughesNet” and found a satellite internet company that could service my parents. At least now they have internet access. While I understand that change is difficult, I really think moving closer to us would be a quick adjustment and work out better for everyone in the long run.

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