Car repair

 I am almost ashamed to admit this: but Thomas (and I guess I as well) allowed his car to go past inspection… for 2 years. TWO YEARS!

Why you might ask? Well, because we knew it needed a lot of work and an entire new windshield, and unfortunately with everything ridiculous going on in our lives over the past few years, we just couldn’t bare to spare the money to fix it.
So we took the chance, hid the expired inspection by putting his wiper blades over it, and let him drive around like that for 2 long years. Two long years of being paranoid, wondering when he’d finally get pulled over, because we just couldn’t afford the repairs.

It wasn’t until about a month ago, when his luck FINALLY ran out and Thomas got pulled over by the police and issued a court date (fix it ticket) that we had to really suck it up and pay to get the issues fixed. We avoid auto work so much that we had no idea where to go, who had the best prices, out of all state body shops, we just had to choose one, because we couldn’t wait any longer (and if I were still living in CA, I know where I would have gone, 320 10th St, San Francisco, CA 94103).

I’m happy to report that after paying a little less than we thought (but more than I wanted to), all Thomas had to pay in court was for parking that day. Big weight off of our shoulders, but an unnecessary stress none the less.

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