Book FAQs- everything you could want to know about "Musings of a 20-something Mom"

In tonight’s blog I would love to write about the distinct footsteps I heard outside the bathroom door 2 nights ago when everyone else was asleep, or the swarm of flies that descended upon my house today, or even the adult sized shit Parker took in the potty today… but the 7 hour worst migraine of my life that had me whimpering and dry heaving and hiding underneath a pillow has completely wiped all of the story telling fuel out of me. I’m still tempted to put my sunglasses back on, even though it’s 9pm at night, my head is just that sensitive.

What I WILL give you instead is everything you may have asked or wanted to know about my upcoming book that I wasn’t able to answer without spamming the hell out of my Facebook page. Now if you have been to kind as to help spread the word, you will know exactly what to tell people! And maybe you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, too.

1. Is the book done?
The answer to this is yes, AND no. I have finished everything I need to do. All 3 edits, the formatting of the chapters and how I want the inside to look. All I am waiting on now is the finalized cover (which includes front, back, and binding) and the forward. I’d tell you who to harass to get that done, but the honest truth is that he has helped me from the very beginning without ever expecting anything in return- so me bugging him to hurry would be a bitch-ass move, and I won’t do that!

2. When is the release date?
The only thing I can say is: SOON! When I get the finalized everything and put it together and submit it, I will then set a release date. It won’t be long though! I’m hoping a month or two, MAX.

3. Where will I be able to buy it?
Once it is released, on Amazon.com  my main goal is to get decent enough sales for a big publishing house to take notice and then have it released on a much grander scale- but for now, it’s just me, pushing it along with the help of some friends. It will be available in hard copy (paperback) and for e-readers. I am still undecided on e-books, only because I feel as though i’ve worked so hard and it doesn’t translate well to that- but with enough interest I will release it that way as well.

4. How much will it cost?
I have no idea how much Amazon will charge for shipping, but the highest tag I will put on the book is $15 (not including shipping), so it should cost no more than a book you’d get in the book store, and you’ll likely get more with mine because of the length.

5. How long is the book?
Even without the forward, it is over 300 pages. There are 18 chapters, and some are broken down into as many as 3 sections.You’ll definitely get what you pay for.

6. What is IN the book?
Because I wrote the book ABOUT my life surrounding the blog, there ARE blogs in the book. They are not completely verbatim- everything has been edited for length and format and content, but there ARE blogs in the book.
The largest misconception so far is that the book will be pure comedy- and that’s not exactly the case. While I have shoved a lot of funny stuff into the book- it also deals with very serious issues i’ve dealt with in my life. From family, to an unexpected pregnancy, to breastfeeding, to cyber-bullying; I cover a lot, and it’s not always laughable. It’s a good mix of everything, and it is definitely representative of real life as a mom- so I hope you all like it.

7. Are you working on other projects?
Absolutely. 2 more books to be exact. I didn’t want ‘Musings’ to get SO long it was unreadable and didn’t have a specific story, so I kept a lot out. I am working on one pure comedy book, and one paranormal book. I have no idea when those will be done, but I have started both and am very excited about the future!

Don’t forget, there IS still a Facebook Referral contest going on right now, and there are only 2 days left to get the most “Likes” on my Facebook page. The one with the most likes wins my book before you can buy it! 2 days is more than enough time to catch up and win- but even if you aren’t participating in the contest, it would mean the WORLD to me to have anyone reading this blog help spread the word about the book, because with self publishing, that is how sales get made!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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