I ain’t ‘fraid-a no ghosts!

It’s not often that I write a mid-day blog, wholly because it’s not often that I get the hell out of the house for long enough to have to write one.
But tonight is the night! And I am AMPED!

If you haven’t been reading the blog for very long, you might not know one big fact about me: I am a paranormal fanatic. I watch it on TV, I read about it, I research it, i’ve blogged about it- i’m even writing a BOOK about it. My life has been littered with paranormal events that before I became an adult I never had any kind of explanation for.
With the internet becoming a source for EVERYTHING, it’s opened me up to a lot of information for things i’d always wondered about as a child.

I’ve always wanted to go to a Ghost Hunting event or conference, but generally they are VERY expensive, states away, and a couple of days long. Not one of those things I can manage alone, but all 3? Forget it!

This time- I get to go! There is a movie/documentary from the “star” and executive producer of A&E’s Paranormal State, Ryan Buell, and the other exec. producer and award winning documentarian Chad Calek called “American Ghost Hunter” said to be the most important documentary on the paranormal ever created. I knew that due to that, and the fact that I have a stupid idiotic little girl crush on Ryan Buell that I HAD to go, and when I found out it was coming to Richmond I was SOLD.

I’m so excited to see the movie, but acting little a total geeked out highschooler about meeting Ryan Buell, I can’t even pretend to be calm and collected. This has not honestly happened since I was the ages of 13-17 about Hanson… something I have yet to live down as an adult (hard to when you literally have EVERY inch of EVERY wall spackled with their faces, including outlet covers and lightswitch panels).
Clearly, I am no longer that extreme- but I strongly fear making a complete ass out of myself as I have the tendency to do. I can control nerves as far as shaking voice- but the sweaty palms are completely out of my hands (ba dum bum!)

I think i’ll be ok- if pictures i’ve seen from past tour stops (since you can only see the movie right now in locations they themselves bring it to)… there will be plenty of girls completely humiliating themselves by being shameless slutty groupies to take the attention away from my damp palms.

I’ll have a review and all that good stuff (ie: me being a teenybopper) tomorrow night!
Happy Friday!

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