Yet another pooptacular day

Every day I swear i’m going to make Thomas put curtains up in the boys rooms (because for some reason I honestly can’t figure out how to do it. One of those simple tasks that is impossible to me), because EVERY morning they are waking up when the sun rises, jumping in and out of our bed, fighting with each other, dropping crap down the stairs… and making sleep after 6am unachievable. With my back, I need ALL the sleep I can get, and i’m not getting much… this is cutting an hour and a half off of my sleep time. Grumble…

Every day when Thomas gets home, it totally slips my mind to have him go and put curtains up. The kids are all over him like flies on shit, Parker wants to be held from the moment Thomas gets home until after dinner, it’s hot, i’m tired, i’m irritated, and I have dinner to cook. And then bed time rolls along and I once again realize, there are no curtains up in the boys rooms, and once again I will be woken up at 6am the following morning.

I really need to figure out this curtain situation. In between breaking up kid slap fights and icing my back for 20 minutes at a time, I managed to hang 4 bundt pans on the wall, organize the kitchen, do a load of laundry, make cookies, and hang 5 pictures. Oh, and I managed to clean up the poop out of Holden’s crack because even after being bribed, he still decided to crap himself during nap time. And he also left some on the floor for me to find later, and wiped some on his pillow. The child hates me.


Give me a curtain rod and some nails and I will stand scratching my head for 20 minutes. Seriously, I KNOW it’s easy, but I just can’t do it. Totally baffling. I draw a blank.

On a bright note- after living here for 16 days, we FINALLY have hot water. Holy mother of God, it’s felt like an eternity. Tonight was Thomas’ shower night, but I think when I finally get to take a hot shower tomorrow, it’s going to feel like heaven on earth. Words can not describe how much I loathe cold showers. Yes, our house is hot as balls because our air conditioning sucks (instead of blows), but a cold shower is NEVER the answer!
Thomas entered us into a contest for the “oldest working AC unit”, and the person they find with the oldest ones wins an entirely new central air system.
OH PLEASE!!!! I’m so sick of sweating in my own house.

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