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This week is one of the most infuriating i’ve had in a VERY long time with the boys. If you aren’t following me on Twitter (@holdin_holden), you should be… because I feel like those posts give you a play by play of just what i’m dealing with, without whining and making the boys sound like demon children. If I were to type up a write-up of the week right now, it’s likely that a whackadoo internet crazy would call the authorities on me for failure to control two little boys or something as equally stupid and ridiculous as that reason.

Instead, I think i’ll keep this light by posting the best Twitter posts of the week… because this week there were a HELL of a lot. Let me just say that I am SO GLAD it is Friday.

‘I sprayed my buttocks with orajel to make my butt feel happy!’

Parker has never called anyone by name. He now calls Holden ‘Da’, so all I hear all day is him running around calling ‘da??’ Bc Holden hides from him

Apparently both my kids have been body snatched, Holden told me he didn’t want to watch Oso or MMCH this morning… That has never happened!
I draw the line at Dora.
Sigh.. Parker ate some of thomas’ after shave lotion. This kid is seriously testing me today
You know you have kids when you randomly find jelly stuck to the back of your arm
Holden took a shit in his pants and hid it & Parker took all the towels and shoved them in the upstairs toilet. is it bed time yet?
If Holden keeps mooing ‘deck the halls’ I might sell him on Craigslist
And to really cap off a crappy week, Holden just dumped out a 2lb bag of animal crackers onto my kitchen floor.
Yep,it gets worse!During the cracker debacle, totally forgot I was in the middle of filling a sippy.Both that and jug o milk got left out
That last post was at about 11am this morning, after that I decided to stop tweeting all the horrendous things the kids did all day, in fear of overloading the intrawebs and causing a complete meltdown due to feral children.
So now, here I sit… exhausted, icing my back and feeling disgusting, just not sure if I can last another week of pure madness.



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