There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.

During nap time today, I was lying on the couch next to Parker, who was asleep, icing my back like I usually do and filling out a paper survey I had received in the mail over the weekend.

At about 1:50pm, I heard some loud thumps and pops coming from upstairs. I figured it must be Holden pulling his normal “i’m going to wake up mid-nap to poop” stunt, but the thumps and cracking only got louder. It was then that I realized I could feel the thumps through the floor of the house, through the couch, and I was literally bouncing up and down. I sat up at attention. The house began to sway and moan like a live animal being whipped down by a hunter, and the whole house began to shake violently.

I jumped off of the couch and ran to the window in the living room, thinking it must be the trash truck that was making its way down the street, coming dangerously close to our house and causing the ruckus, but there was nothing.

It was then that the thought occurred to me, “Could that have been an earthquake?”, but here in Virginia, we NEVER have earthquakes we can feel. Hurricanes are typical, and the occasional tornado, but never an earthquake strong enough to shake the house. I started thinking that I must be going crazy, so once the shaking ceased, I ran to the computer, heart still racing, and explained what had just happened, thinking I must be the only one… only to refresh and see about 20 other statuses just like mine of confused Virginians and North Carolinans.

Twenty painfully confusing minutes later, the news finally broke through my soaps and confirmed that we had indeed experienced an earthquake in the great state of Virginia. A 5.9 magnitude, with the fault line being about 200 miles north of me or less.

I was relieved that I wasn’t going completely insane, but very shaken up. In all of my years, even the 7 months I spent in California, I have never felt an earthquake before.
I know that in the grand scheme of earthquakes, 5.8 is really nothing serious, but for someone who has never felt one before- I was terrified. And all I can really think about is how if it had been worse, my reaction time was just not fast enough. If it had been worse, and Holden had been upstairs…

I really shouldn’t go there.

Both of the boys slept straight through the quake, none the wiser. I thought they hadn’t even noticed until dinner time where Thomas and I were discussing our different experiences, and Holden chimed in with:
“There was a rocket ship trying to land in the middle of nap time!”
Apparently he DID notice it, but since he has no idea what an earthquake is either, the closest thing he could relate was what he thought a rocket ship landing might feel like. I can’t say that I disagree with his comparison.

I hope that it NEVER happens again, but currently that is not the only natural disaster we in the state of VA have to be concerned about, because there is what could be a category 3 hurricane heading for us in the coming week.
An earthquake is enough excitement to last me the entire year, i’m hoping that this hurricane goes the way of the others and completely misses us, or fizzles out into some rain clouds and wind.

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