A resolution that WILL be kept

On new years eve of last year, I made the resolution, the promise to myself that I would write a book. I wouldn’t put it off, procrastinate, start it and never finish it- I would write it and release it. I never said how long it would take, but when I started, my intention was to finish it in well under a year.

Here we are 7 months later, and while i’m in the final editing stages (hit 100 pages last night), I still have a long way to go.

So many unexpected things have gotten in the way that have stalled the process, who knows what’s around the corner to hold it up even more.

I didn’t expect to go to Disney World, had no idea that we’d have to pack up and move in two weeks time, never saw coming the back and neck pain i’ve been experiencing, had no clue that unpacking and decorating this house would be such a huge project… the list goes on and on.

Still, I found that i’ve had to crack down on myself. Before, I would put anything else before the book. Blogging, surveys, etc. Now, i’ve put a limit on myself for other tasks. No matter what i’m doing, unless it’s an emergency, all other “work” has to cease at 11pm, and at that time I have to pull out my hard copy and start transcribing it into the file, and work on it for at least an hour. That has made big time progress in the book. Last night I got 30 pages done. If I can keep up that level of work, the editing phase will be done before I know it.

This project has become so important to me, not for money, but for my personal feeling of accomplishment. I want this to get done, and I want it to be AMAZING. I want it to be successful, I want writing to be my “job” second in line to my kids. I don’t want to go back to a desk job after the kids go to school, I want to be a writer.

And this is where I ask for your help; help me spread the word! Tell people to read the blog, tell people about the upcoming book, tell people to follow my Twitter (@holdin_holden). The book starts with me, but will be a success through word of mouth since I have chosen the self publishing route, and Mommy books are not nearly as popular as crap about vampires and werewolves, so it’s going to be an uphill battle.
I don’t ask for help often, but I am asking for it now! You can help make my dream come true, that’s for sure.

Next to my kids, this book is the most important thing I have ever done, and it would mean the world to me to have the support of my readers and my friends- so get the word out!

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  • If you’re going the self-publishing route, you may want to check out Blurb.com. I’ve seen some of their books and they’re of good print quality.

  • If you’re going the self-publishing route, you may want to check out Blurb.com. I’ve seen some of their books, and the paper quality / print quality is pretty decent. It also allows you to fully customize the layout of your work, which I appreciate.