Regression rears its ugly head

Last night when I went to bed, the whole house was spinning. I felt so nauseous that I knew if I didn’t lie down, I would puke, and it would be ugly.
I’d hoped to close my eyes and pass out and wake up feeling better, but the room proceeded to spin all night long- and then I woke up at 6am because we’ve yet to put up curtains and the sun was shining directly into our window.
At least I didn’t feel like puking, but my back was still stiff and painful, but after what I thought was a nasty reaction to the pain meds that had kept me up most of the night, I decided against taking another one. It was ice for the back, and that would be it.

Could that be my worst of the issues for the day? If you know me, you know better!

I had known prior to moving that the big change could cause regression in potty training for Parker. He’s still pretty new to being in underwear full time, but I hadn’t considered Holden in that equation. He’s been potty trained for so damn long, that while the thought still lingered in the back of my mind, I doubted that he would be effected by the move, especially since he was so excited about it.

Today he proved that regression can happen at ANY time, no matter how long they’ve been out of diapers. Well, actually it all started last night before my nausea set in.
Holden kept saying he had to poop pretty much all day, and then not going once he got on the potty. After we’d spent a half an hour boiling a huge pot of water to give the boys a bath with, because Virginia natural gas is a whore and still has NOT turned on our hot water, he decided it would be a better idea to poop in the bath tub than the potty. With Thomas and Parker in it.
Thomas ended up having to take a cold shower just to get the poo germs off.

Today, Holden waited until he had his knees clenched together and was turtle-heading to tell me that he had to poop. Always fun times to have to pry a kids ass cheeks apart to clean poop off of them.
The second time, he chose not to even tell me that he’d crapped himself. It wasn’t until we were all sitting on the floor after snack time and he stood up to walk away that I say the gigantic brown stain on his underwear. Even more fun times to have to pry a kids ass cheeks apart to clean CRUSTY poop off of them.

Parker? peed himself twice. Both times during a meal, once so bad that it spilled out of his chair and onto the carpet.

It would appear that unpacking is the least of my concerns.

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