Really, that’s it??

After all of the hype and the news reports and people acting like it was the apocalypse, Irene has been nothing more than a hell of a lot of rain and a few strong wind gusts.

It’s not that i’m complaining- i’d have hightailed it the hell out of here had she stayed a category 3, but I expected…. to be scared… at least for a few minutes! Instead, i’m left scratching my head about what the hell all of the hype was about.

I know other people haven’t been quite as lucky. A lot of friends have lost power and stayed out of power all day long, others homes have been flooded… and there have been 2 deaths in VA already, one in my city, an 11 year old boy when a tree crashed through his apartment… so I know the threat has been VERY real. I’m aware that I should be thankful that the most we are experiencing is flooding of our backyard and some downed tree limbs, and a couple of brown outs. Certainly not the devastation we were told to prepare for.

Meanwhile, people in NY, 400 miles north, commenting on my friend’s Facebook page are sleeping in their basements tonight when they aren’t even getting the outer bands. People here made special trips TO the beach just to watch the mayhem. Funny how different the two regions are.

Regardless of how much of a cock tease this bitch has been, we were told ALL day that the worst of the storm would be right about now, and into midnight. I don’t THINK anything bad is going to happen, but after hearing about that little boy dying earlier today, I am NOT taking any chances; the boys are sleeping in the living room… a decision that is already making me crazy.
I am sitting in pitch darkness, just my laptop screen lighting the way, with Holden on one side of the living room, and Parker on the other…. neither of whom is sleeping. Storm or not, it’s going to be a VERY long night! I hope we all make it through in one piece!

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  • gotta say I’m jealous. I know too many people who lost their homes thanks to Irene. Many people here were also excited for the storm, idiots out kayaking and enjoying the waves. Yet, still the entire shore line of CT: tons of homes just gone. My husband is more “WTH? That was nothing, not even a tree fell on the house”.