Procrastination is thy name

Per usual, when I have a million things going on at once, ONE thing always gets forgotten in the mix.

This time around, it’s the boys birthday party. Before I knew it, the end of August has come, and I haven’t thought about the party and everything that needs to get done in a month.
It’s not like I was sitting on my ass just letting time slip away from me- this past month has been absolute madness. The packing, the moving, the unpacking, the organizing and decorating, the book, speech therapy. All important things to get done, but the birthday was up there as one of THE most important ones and sadly I have slacked like crazy on it.

Last year I was the birthday party planning queen, but I had an easy theme to work with. I am fluent in Cars. I can close my eyes and play out each scene from the movie in order. As soon as I knew the party would be a Cars party, everything fell into place easily. The favors I got free off of Freecycle, the decorations on sale at Walmart, the gigantic wall hang a friend brought from out of state, and the Mater cupcakes I got from a website online.

For this party? Well, i’ve had the idea for a while… but it’s not going to be as easy to execute since the exact theme doesn’t exist in party stores. Thanks to Thomas, we’ve planned on having a Western Mickey party. I’ve been to the party store, there’s a small Cowboy section, and a small Mickey section, but of course… no Cowboy Mickey anything.

My search may have to continue online, and the party will have to be some sort of hybrid that hopefully doesn’t look ridiculous… not that anyone will care; especially Holden, who has suddenly began insisting that we have a Spongebob party, and that is NOT HAPPENING. The yellow… ohhhh the massive amounts of yellow; the obnoxious square face and gigantic eyes… just no way. I explained to him that this is not just his birthday party, and that Parker is not so enthusiastic about Spongebob as he is, and he stopped asking. WHEW! Dodged that bullet.

I can figure out how to shove all the decorations together and make it look decent but as far as a western mickey cake/cupcake/cookie cake deal…. I’m drawing a blank.
And although i’m typing about it now, I know i’ll keep putting it off until the very last second. Such is the life of a procrastinator.

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