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After watching America’s Got Talent last night and seeing a horrendous singer get praised for being ‘amazing’, I got slightly disturbed. When did talent go out the window? I know in the music industry, from experience, in never REALLY comes down to talent, but how you look and who you know- but generally you at least have to have SOME kind of ability (or maybe not, with the insurgence of auto-tune). How are these people getting so far and not getting smacked down? It makes me glad Simon Cowell is coming back to TV soon, it’s clear people need brutal honesty or crap like Rebecca Black and Kesha will continue to crap all over the airwaves.

Because of this realization, I decided today to pick back up my guitar. I honestly have not actually played anything other than a few riffs here and there since I got pregnant with Holden. It’s not like I want to go BACK into the industry, I had enough of that the first time around, but I got the itch… and playing guitar is kind of like doing a drug… one strum and you’re hooked.
I also need to start playing again so that once Holden is given his big gift for his birthday (a guitar), I will be able to teach him if he actually wants to learn. Can’t exactly teach anyone when you’re 4 years out of practice.

I was shocked at just how much i’ve forgotten. I couldn’t even figure out how to tune the thing because i’d forgotten which strings are which notes; I had to look it up. Embarrassing.

Once I started playing a little bit, more and more started coming back to me. I guess when you played for so long in the past, every single day all day, it’s hard to forget EVERYTHING… but i’m definitely not good- and now i’m bothered by that too.

I wonder if once Holden gets a guitar that he can actually play (mine are HUGE on him) if he, too, will catch the guitar bug. I kind of hope so. I think it would be awesome for him to follow in my musical footsteps. I just hope I don’t become one of those crazy stage moms. At least i’ll never be one of those who puts my little boys into beauty pageants… that crap is just weird.

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