Note to self:

Just because you go to a party that has an “open bar” does not mean it’s wise to begin drinking your face off from said open bar beginning at 3pm. You might feel fantastic, be able to use all of your limbs correctly, not slur your speech in the slightest or stumble a single time, but the 2 margaritas, 3 pina coladas, and a handful of rum and cokes WILL eventually catch up to you, causing you to lose all motor skills, write the sloppiest blog in your blogs history, and pass out at 10pm because you just can’t manage to stay awake any longer.

And that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. When the drinks you’re pounding aren’t effecting you, the little part of your brain that says “hey, maybe you should think about this!” should kick in, but unfortunately mine did not.
I was feeling fine even as we left the party to get the boys home and into bed. I can remember driving home, stopping at the store, getting the kids in bed, even waiting at Parker’s door to see if he would once again cry to come downstairs… but after that it gets very, VERY fuzzy.

All I can remember is trying to write the blog and failing miserably. No matter how many times I typed, re-typed, and re-typed AGAIN, I couldn’t manage to get anything right. Twenty minutes of backspacing feverishly is pretty damn exhausting. After that finally my melted intoxicated brain kicked in and yelled very loudly to GO TO BED… so I did. at 10:30pm. I haven’t gone to bed that early since I was in middle school.

On the bright side, I got the most sleep i’ve gotten in YEARS, and woke up feeling fresh as a daisy… which was a very good thing considering that i’d promised Holden last week that we would spend the day at Busch Gardens this weekend since last weekend, the air was so smoky you couldn’t even see outside, so that promise had to land today. It was a great, non-hungover day!

Now, remind me to NEVER do that again.

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