Let’s NEVER do that again!

Irene has come and gone, and thankfully done no damage to our house or belongings; just made it look like the tree in our back yard took a giant shit.

The only thing that we personally gained from the experience is that all of us sleeping downstairs is NOT FUN TIMES; not fun times at all. It was actually really, really miserable.

In order to even get them settled enough to go to sleep, we had to turn all of the lights off.
Sitting on the dark on the computer might have been the cool thing to do when I was 12 and my mom thought I was in bed but instead I was chatting on AIM; but as an adult, it just hurts my eyes and makes me feel like a total creeper.

Trying to edit a book while squinting at a computer screen in the dark is another you can categorize as NOT FUN TIMES… but… the book is DONE. Well, done as far as i’m not writing ANYTHING ELSE in it, or editing ANYTHING ELSE.

That aside, as the night wore on I just got painfully bored, a nasty headache, and sneaking around the house during a hurricane as to NOT wake the kids once they finally fell asleep (it took a LONG time) isn’t my idea of an ideal Saturday night.
I kept expecting excitement. Power out! Tree down! Not that I wanted it, but with the way Irene was forecasted you’d think it was the end of the damn world upon us. All we got was some whistling wind, the power cutting off and on a few times, and that was the end of it.

By about midnight, we knew it wasn’t going to get any worse as the eye had moved well past us, but not wanting to take any chances, and not wanting to wake the kids to move them upstairs and the mayhem that may follow something like that, we decided to sleep downstairs ourselves.

Our couches may be comfortable to sit on, but NOT sleep on. Parker woke us all up at 6am, and after grumbling and stirring, I realized that my night of sleeplessness left me exhausted. I attempted to go upstairs and sleep, but the sun beating through the window (since our room is sadly still curtainless) made it impossible.

I feel like passing out right now. Next to being itchy, being tired is my least favorite feeling in the world.

Can we just have NO more hurricanes or earthquakes this year? That would be fantastic.

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