In the eye of the storm

I know there is a hurricane coming straight up the east coast and heading for us, but I can’t help but feel positive right now. SHOCKER, right?! When does this EVER happen?

Not only did Irene bitch out and go from a category 3 hurricane with 125+ mile per hour winds down, but she went down to a 1 when she makes landfall in the course of a day. That is definitely something to celebrate! I was on the verge of evacuating, panicking, worrying about our house falling down… but now the only concern is possible flooding and debris if there’s a strong gust. I’ve been through so many category 1 hurricanes that it doesn’t even bother me anymore. I do, however, worry about those in low lying areas. Be safe out there!

The other good news, which I can FINALLY announce, is that FINALLY: Thomas got a new job. I’ve been bugging him for MONTHS. Since he kept getting steamrolled with more and more work, for less and less pay, but he has such loyalty to this place he couldn’t see just how badly he was being taken advantage of. Once his only department coworker abandoned ship, and he got stuck with THAT guy’s work, with a 10% pay cut no less, he knew it was time to go.
And after a couple of interviews, he had 3 companies vying for his employment. This is a position he has NEVER been in before. After somewhat of a bidding war, he took a position at another company with a LOT of potential and a 45% pay increase. It’s astronomical for us. We may not be rich, still, but we won’t be living paycheck to paycheck anymore, and I cannot express enough how much of a relief that feeling is.
We are VERY VERY happy right now, and for once, excited about what the future may hold.

The other big news: Tonight, the final edit of my book will be DONE! I only have 18 pages left of transcribing to do, and from there it’s a few minor adjustments and maybe a last minute addition, and then I move into the final formatting stages. I received from a friend of mine who’s been helping me along in this process, the mock up of the cover art for the book, and that excited me even more. Even if the book sucks (which it won’t), the cover art will be amazing. This is a big deal for me. Not only has it consumed about 7 months of my life so far, but it’s MY LIFE on paper. I am so thrilled for it to be almost done, I almost can’t contain myself.
Now is the time where all of you, my friends and readers, to really help me make my dream a reality. Spread the word! Share the blog, talk about the upcoming book, help me get the word out! With self publishing (and hopes of a publishing deal), the book’s success will rely on word of mouth. So help me out!

Big things are comin’, y’all… And I don’t just mean that bitch hurricane Irene.

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