I can haz a Facebook Fan Page??

Since the conception of this very blog, i’ve considered going out and getting myself one of those nifty Facebook Fan pages. I had one for my music and it did WONDERS for the amounts of people who would come to shows, or stop me randomly in the mall and say “don’t I know you?”– which occasionally lead to me having the most gigantic head on the face of the earth.

I’ve been hesitant since the initial thought came into my mind. I didn’t want to seem too much like one of those Mommy Bragging self obsessed twatty bitches who think their shit doesn’t stink just because they tore their vagina to pieces bringing new life to the earth.

But- with the book nearing complete completion, I figured it was about time. I’m not naive to the fact that this blog isn’t as popular as I like to lead myself to believe, or that I have not the faintest clue how to promote a book that I am basially self publishing, so it was time to reach out for help… and thus, the Facebook Fanpage for Holdin’ Holden was born. You can click that nifty little link to your left that says “LIKE” to like the page.
There, similar to the Twitter feed (@holdin_holden) you will get the earliest updates about the book and the blog, funny tidbits of Holdenisms throughout the day, and sneak previews into the book before anyone else gets to see them.
That may not sound exciting to anyone but me… but I don’t care! Like the page! Spread the word! I promise it won’t be too twatty.

And to anyone who is here for the first time thanks to the Facebook page, WELCOME! I highly suggest you go back and read some of the older blogs, I can promise that you’ll either be hunched over laughing hysterically or completely horrified; scouts honor.

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  • I AM HERE BECAUSE OF YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. there at least im honest right? also i cant spell…anywho….i just LOVE your blog. it reminds me im not the only mom on the block with more than one kid. i have 3 1 almost a teenager 1 who is 11 and thinks he is just awesome….and the third bless her heart she is 4 and a mess. well of coarse she is shes got 2 older brothers and 3 yes 3 half sisters (not mine) who wouldnt be a messlol anyway. its nice to see another mom who is funny! did i already say how much i LOVE this blog? thanks for the laughs. somedays i need them very bad to keep from going ’round the bend lol