Grumble grumble grumble… Tweens…

One of the biggest selling (er.. renting) points of this house, for the boys anyways, was the fact that directly outside of our back yard is the school Holden will go to once he starts kindergarten, and in between that school and our house are two gigantic play sets. Slides, monkey bars, weird spinny doodads that I guess you’re supposed to match but really have no purpose.

As soon as Holden saw those, he wanted to live here, hands down no questions asked. I was pretty excited, too, because it meant no having to get in a car to drive them to a playground, and no spending exorbitant amount of money on our own and being broke (ahem… brother). Win, win!

Well, the first time we made our venture through the field to go to the playground, it was infested with boys. Tween boys.

At first it was no big deal; if we can play on the playground, so can anyone else, right? It’s fair game! But the serious stink eye they gave me and the boys as we walked up as if we were trespassing on their territory immediately got under my skin.
After going relatively silent for 5 minutes, they retreated to the 2nd playground… and that’s when they got loud. We’re talking screaming obscenities and unintelligible crap loud.
I know I curse, clearly I curse, just look at this blog- but I at least have the common courtesy not to do it much around my kids, and ESPECIALLY not around other peoples kids. I was pretty pissed. I know i’m the adult and I easily could have said something, but I recognized one of the boys as a kid who lives diagonally across the street from us and has a huge mother who loves to scream about nothing every single night… the last thing I want is her strolling up to my door and unleashing her fury on me; so I did what any person with half a brain would do in that situation: nothing. Well, not nothing, I glared right back at the little shits.

Ever since that point, when I want to take the boys to the playground, I look out across the field and that same group of tweens is ALWAYS there. Is it the cool thing to do for middle schoolers these day to play on an elementary school playground?

I guess you could say since that time I sort of had it out for them, but it turns out not for nothing. A few days after my first encounter with them, I noticed them hovering around the “for rent” vacant house across the street, and I heard them say things about how they would come back at night. My ears perked up.
Wouldn’t you know it, a week later, I literally watched them walk into that vacant house, one by one.

Did I go to big mommas house and tell her what her trespassing cursing little brat was up to? Nope, I called the cops, and the rental company for the house.
Of course, the cops NEVER showed, but the rental company was pissed enough to send someone out immediately to lock the house up tight.

Now i’ve gone from disliking the kids to seeing them as what they are: evil boys. And I look at my boys and think “shit.. mine are probably going to be just like those sooner than I know it.”
Sure, I would hope I would raise them better than that- but i’m not naive enough to not realize that when boys get together they do stupid crap… ALL THE TIME. I have an older brother, I saw the crap he constantly did out of boredom.

Today I watched them scare a kid that looked to be about 2 off of the playground (kid was with his/her mom), and then climb my fence to sneak through the neighbors yard.
I wish i’d had a stick to wave at them and yell “GET OFF MY LAWN!”
Am I really getting that old??

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