Goodbye so soon?

When we learned that we’d have to give up our first occupational therapist when we started speech therapy, it was a tough blow. When someone has come into your home every week (and toward the end every other week) for over 6 months, not only do your children grow attached to them, but you do too. Parker’s first therapist was my age, with two kids the same ages as mine- we got along great.
I wasn’t so sure how bringing another therapist in so “late” in the game would go, but after a while we grew to love the new one, too.

I knew when she signed on that she was going to be moving out of state some time in the future- but with the housing market how it’s been the past few years, she didn’t think it would be any time soon… she was mistaken. Her husband got a call that his company would pay for her family to move as soon as they found a place and sold theirs- only she called the school system there and their school year starts in two weeks- so today was her last visit with us.

I had Holden make her a card (he insisted writing “I love you” on it), and both boys drew her pictures. She almost seemed teary eyed when he gave them to her. We had our normal therapy session and then it was time to go.Parker gave her hugs and blew her kisses, and then she was gone- with Parker’s therapy future up in the air.
There appears to be a shortage of speech therapists in the area, and with her gone, it leaves her 4 clients vying for 2 open spots from another therapist, and we have no idea who she’s going to choose. If she doesn’t choose to take Parker on, it could be at least 2 weeks before someone else gets in here.

Parker isn’t the people hating standoffish little kid he used to be, he’s really warmed up in the past few months- but there’s still very few people he lets get in his personal space. His core family, my brother, and recently he added my Dad to the list of people he’s willing to snuggle.
I don’t think getting him to warm up to a new therapist is going to be as much of a struggle as it has been the past 2 times, but it’s never fun to have to start completely from scratch, learn another therapist’s way of doing things and exercises when he’s gotten so used to what we’ve been doing for months now.

Oh well. At least we ended therapy on a high note tonight- Parker added a new word to his very small vocabulary: cheese. Weird word to add, I know, but the kid loves his dairy products.

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